Football Helmets Do Not Protect Against Side Impact Concussions

New Study of Football Helmets Shows Little Protection Against Side Impacts, Leading to Concussion Risk A new study into football helmet protection shows that, while helmets offer good protection against front impacts, they do little to protect against damage from side impacts, which can lead to concussion or traumatic brain injury. The American … [Read more...]

Study Shows Better Helmets Can Prevent Concussions

New Study Reveals that Better Helmets Can Prevent Concussions in Football Players A new study at Virginia Tech shows that better football helmet design can help prevent concussions in football players. Researchers embedded sensors in two different types of helmets, and discovered that one helmet was far more effective than the other at preventing … [Read more...]

Stronger Helmets Don’t Stop Concussions

Study Shows Stronger, More High-Tech Helmets Don’t Stop Concussions in Sports Players Companies like POC Ventures, which developed the Guardian Cap, are working hard to produce high-quality helmets that will protect athletes, especially student athletes, from concussion and traumatic brain injury. However, a new study suggests that, regardless of … [Read more...]

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