Study Concludes Fracking Causes Serious Personal Injury to Nearby Residents

New Study Looks at Serious Personal Injury Related to Living Near Fracking Operations Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, has become a common way to mine for natural gas. The process involves fracturing rock with a hydraulically-pressurized liquid, most often water with suspended particles like sand and some chemicals. The … [Read more...]

Family Wins Personal Injury Verdict in Fracking Lawsuit

First Fracking Verdict in US History is a Win for Personal Injury Plaintiffs A jury in Texas has ruled in favor of the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit against a fracking company. Fracking is the short term for hydraulic fracturing, which is a mining process used by drillers to pull natural gas from shale. Miners pump a mix of water, sand, … [Read more...]

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