Seven in California Arrested for Mortgage Fraud

Seven Suspects Arrested in $6.2 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme In a press release from California Attorney General Kamala Harris, seven suspects have been arrested for their involvement in a mortgage fraud scheme that defrauded more than 1,550 homeowners across the state, who sought loan modification services during the foreclosure crisis. The … [Read more...]

SC Voter Identification Lawsuit Heads to DC

South Carolina elected officials are heading to Washington D.C. this week to voice their opinions on the voter identification law that is to go before a three-judge panel in U.S. District Court. Rep. Bakari Sellers (D-Denmark), an attorney with the Strom Law Firm in Columbia, also made the trip to Washington DC in opposition of the voter … [Read more...]

State Farm to Pay $3 Million in Damages in Katrina Whistleblower Case

Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Whistleblowers in State Farm Katrina Lawsuit State Farm Insurance will pay $3 million in legal fees and damages for defrauding the National Flood Insurance Program after Hurricane Katrina, according to a whistleblower lawsuit. A federal judge in Mississippi ruled against the insurance broker and in favor of the … [Read more...]

False Claims Lawsuit Filed Against Military Trucking Company

Major Trucking Company Defrauded US Government for Years, According to False Claims Lawsuit A new false claims lawsuit filed by the US Attorney’s Office in Columbia, SC alleges that a trucking company which carried belongings for military personnel defrauded the US government for years. Covan World-Wide Moving and its affiliate Coleman-American … [Read more...]

Bank of America Agrees to Record Mortgage Fraud Settlement

Justice Department and Bank of America Agree to  $17 Billion Mortgage Fraud Settlement Bank of America agreed to a mortgage fraud settlement on mortgage fraud charges brought by the US Department of Justice for $17 billion, a historic settlement amount against a large bank. The mortgage fraud settlement resolves mortgage fraud charges stemming … [Read more...]

SC Man Lets Friend Cut Off Hand in Mail Fraud Scam

A South Carolina man who dismembered a friend in attempt to collect insurance money pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud on Tuesday, August 21. Gerald Hardin III, of Cayce, pleaded guilty in Federal court to sawing off the hand of Michael “Pork chop” Weaver to collect roughly $671,000 from insurance policies taken out by … [Read more...]

Med Supply Company CEO with “Wolf of Wall Street” Ties Faces Medicare Fraud Charges

“Wolf of Wall Street” Inspired Character, CEO of Medical Supply Company, Raided by FBI, Faces Medicare Fraud Charges On Wednesday, January 14th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided and shut down a medical supply company in South Florida as part of a larger Medicare fraud investigation when the CEO was arrested on Medicare Fraud charges. … [Read more...]

Vintage Wine Bottles Filled With Supermarket Wine

South Carolina Fraud Attorneys A French trading company is accused of scamming wine connoisseurs out of several hundred million dollars worth of wine. Labouré-Roi is accused of taking bottles of Nuits St George and topping them with cheap supermarket wine. The scam occurred between 2005 and 2009 with two million bottles of wine being affected. … [Read more...]

FBI Launches Unit to Combat Food Stamp Fraud

Food Stamp Fraud Misuses Government Funds and is a Federal Crime This past September, the Federal Bureau of Investigation launched a special investigative unit to combat food stamp fraud. Individual states are able to join the investigative unit, and in January, South Carolina’s attorney general announced that the state has created the South … [Read more...]

Lack of Death Certificate Could Lead to Social Security Fraud

Social Security Fraud; Taxes, Other Benefits Filed Under Fraudulent Social Security Numbers Without Death Records According to the Social Security Administration, there are 6.5 million Americans who reached the incredible old age of 112. This occurs, in the majority of cases, because there are no extant death records for the social security … [Read more...]

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