California Man Sentenced for Healthcare Fraud in SC

California Resident Found Guilty of Healthcare Fraud in South Carolina A man from California has been found guilty in Columbia, SC for healthcare fraud and money laundering in connection with a “ghost” medical clinic he set up in South Carolina, which filed more than $1 million in fraudulent Medicare claims. Karo Gotti Blkhoyan, a.k.a. “Gotti,” … [Read more...]

CVS Settles Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Case

Pharmacy Retailer CVS Settles Medicaid Fraud Whistleblower Case with US Government A unit of pharmacy and healthcare retailer CVS Health Corp, Caremark LLC has agreed to settle whistleblower allegations that the company committed Medicaid fraud. Caremark is a healthcare plan through CVS that manages a number of “dual eligible” individuals – … [Read more...]

Miami Psychiatrist and Six Therapists Charged in Massive Health Care Fraud Scheme

$63 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Lands Seven People with Health Care Fraud Charges A psychiatrist, who has been practicing in Miami since the 1970’s, along with six psychologists, have been indicted on health care fraud charges for planning to defraud the Medicare program of $63 million. Roger Rousseau, 71 years old, is the former director of … [Read more...]

Russian Diplomats Charged with Medicaid Fraud

Diplomats from Russia Charged with Medicaid Fraud for Multi-Year Scheme On December 5th, Justice Department prosecutors for the federal government charged 49 current and former Russian diplomats, and their family members, for their roles in a Medicaid fraud scheme that lasted for 9 years. The scheme involved the diplomats lying about their … [Read more...]

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