Fatal Auto Accidents on SC Roads Spike in 2015

South Carolina Outpaces Previous Year for Number of Deadly Automobile Accidents The number of deaths due to automobile accidents has spiked in South Carolina this year. Fatalities on the state’s roads already rose in 2014 compared to 2013, and according to the Department of Public Safety, 2015 will beat 2014’s automobile accident stats. In 2014, … [Read more...]

Going Helmet-Less May Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury

Some Football Teams Drill Without Helmets to Prevent Traumatic Brain Injury After the large traumatic brain injury lawsuit against the NFL led to a huge settlement for players who suffer long-term health issues related to repeated, untreated concussions, helmet manufacturers, safety experts, lawmakers, and loved ones have all debated about the … [Read more...]

Former Kansas City Chiefs Players Sue for Concussion Injuries

Five Former Players for Chiefs Sue Team Because of Long-Term Concussion Injuries On Tuesday, December 3rd, five former players for the Kansas City Chiefs filed a lawsuit alleging that their team knew about the dangers of concussions and traumatic brain injury, including long-term, and neglected to take appropriate measures to protect their … [Read more...]

Stronger Helmets Don’t Stop Concussions

Study Shows Stronger, More High-Tech Helmets Don’t Stop Concussions in Sports Players Companies like POC Ventures, which developed the Guardian Cap, are working hard to produce high-quality helmets that will protect athletes, especially student athletes, from concussion and traumatic brain injury. However, a new study suggests that, regardless of … [Read more...]

Helmets: Will they save your child from concussions?

Car accidents are the number one cause of concussions in young people, but sports are a close second; half of those sports-related concussions happen in football.  Cars, of course, are regulated by the government and insurance agencies, no such rules apply to football equipment. With no hard and fast rules, and dozens of positions an athlete … [Read more...]

Helmet Sensors to Fight Concussions for the Army

BAE Systems has provided new helmet sensors that can detect the severity of head movements and concussions to both the US Army and the NFL. Concussion Sensors The Army has ordered thousands of the sensors which can be used to measure impacts during combat-related explosions and blasts.  The sensors are called Headborne Energy Analysis and … [Read more...]

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