SC Woman Charged with Healthcare Fraud and Identity Theft

Woman Indicted on Charges of Identity Theft, Medicare Fraud, and Healthcare Fraud On Friday, July 5th, a woman from Andrews, SC was indicted on charges of healthcare fraud, Medicare fraud, and identity theft, according to United States Attorney General Bill Nettles. Queen Edwards Nesmith, 53 years old, was indicted by a federal grand jury on two … [Read more...]

The Fine Print in the Use of Debit Cards

Debit cards have been used commercially for three decades now but a surprising statistic was found in 2009. In that year, debit card use surpassed credit card use for the first time according to a study conducted by Javelin Strategy and Research, as reported by WIS.  At first glance this may be a good thing, but there are matters unseen that make … [Read more...]

Top Credit Bureau Becomes Victim of Identity Theft

Major US Credit Bureau Sold Social Security Numbers and Other Info to Scammer, Becomes Victim of Identity Theft One of the top US credit bureaus is suffering the pains of identity theft. According to reports, Experian, an credit protection service, sold social security numbers, as well as drivers’ license numbers, bank account, and credit card … [Read more...]

GA Man Poses as Doctor to Treat Patients at SC Nursing Homes

A Georgia man faces charges of impersonating a doctor and treating over 500 senior citizen patients in South Carolina nursing homes. Ernest Osei Addo, 48, is currently awaiting extradition back to South Carolina from Cobb County Detention Center in Georgia. Addo allegedly unlawfully practiced medicine at five senior-care facilities here in … [Read more...]

South Carolina Legislature Moves to Protect Citizens Against Hack Attacks for Life

New Bill Could Create New State Department, Help Citizens Fight Hack Attacks, Identity Theft, and Social Security Fraud Just two weeks after South Carolina’s Department of Revenue suffered a serious hack attack, Finance Committee Chairman Sen. Hugh Leatherman assigned Sen. Kevin Bryant (R-Anderson) and Sen. Billy O'Dell (R-Abbeville) to … [Read more...]

Target Identity Theft Suspects Arrested at Texas Border

Texas Officers Arrest Two Mexican Citizens for Fake Credit Cards and Identity Theft Related to Target Breach On Monday, January 20th, two Mexican citizens attempting to re-enter the US were arrested at the South Texas border for identity theft in connection with the Target hack attack over the Christmas season. Reportedly, Daniel Guardiola … [Read more...]

Massive Credit Card Fraud Ringleaders Arrested After 10 Years

US Charges 18 People for 10 Years’ Worth of Credit Card Fraud, Totaling $200 Million Federal officials announced on Tuesday, February 5th, that they charged 18 people in a credit card fraud scheme that lasted 10 years, spanned several countries, and racked up $200 million. The case will be prosecuted in New Jersey, but the fraud spans at least … [Read more...]

Nationwide Patient Data Breach Leads to Identity Theft Concerns

Hackers Stole Patient Info in Data Breach, Leading to Identity Theft Concerns On Tuesday, August 19th, national hospital chain, Community Health Systems, reported that their database was breached, possibly by Chinese hackers, earlier this year.  An astounding  4.5 million patients had their personal data stolen, leading to identity theft … [Read more...]

Phishing Emails Feed Off SC’s Fall Hack Attack

Scammers Focus on South Carolinians In Wake of SCDOR’s Hack Attack South Carolina residents are the target of phishing emails, which use fear about identity theft from the hack attack on SCDOR in October to steal identities. In October 2012, the South Carolina Department of Revenue suffered a massive hack attack that stole millions of consumers’ … [Read more...]

SCDOR Puts Identity Theft Unit in Place

New Identity Theft and Identity Protection Unit To Launch Soon On Tuesday, October 1st, a new identity theft and protection unit will launch as part of the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs. The identity theft unit is being implemented as part of an identity theft protection law passed at the end of last year’s legislative session, … [Read more...]

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