Lance Armstrong Asks for Dismissal of Federal Whistleblower Lawsuit

Former Racing Cyclist Asks Federal Judge for Dismissal of Whistleblower Lawsuit Lance Armstrong and his attorneys on Tuesday, July 23rd, asked a federal judge to dismiss the $120 million whistleblower lawsuit against Armstrong and his former racing team. The whistleblower lawsuit accuses the 7-time Tour de France champion of defrauding the team’s … [Read more...]

Two Co-Defendants in Armstrong Whistleblower Lawsuit Settle

Two of Lance Armstrong’s Co-Defendants in Whistleblower Lawsuit Agree to Settlement In 2010, a former teammate of Lance Armstrong’s filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the team, alleging that Armstrong defrauded the federal government by accepting funding through the United States Postal Service, and claiming that there was no doping occurring … [Read more...]

Whistleblower Declares “War” Against Lance Armstrong

Whistleblower Anti-Doping Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong Takes Aggressive Turn The anti-doping whistleblower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong, filed by former Armstrong teammate Floyd Landis, has gone from battle to all-out war. Landis’s attorneys have invoked the Wartime Suspension of Limitations Act in order for the whistleblower lawsuit to … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong Accuses Team Leader in Whistleblower Lawsuit

Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Lance Armstrong Could See New Defendant Added In the whistleblower lawsuit against Lance Armstrong, brought forth by the US government and Floyd Landis in 2010, the judge could add a new defendant. For the first time, Armstrong has accused his team’s former owner Tom Wiesel of having direct knowledge that the team … [Read more...]

Lance Armstrong Names Names in Doping Whistleblower Lawsuit

As Part of Whistleblower Lawsuit, Lance Armstrong Lists Names of Those Who Supported Doping After insisting he would never “rat out” fellow teammates that allegedly supported his doping during his long cycling career, Lance Armstrong filed court documents on Wednesday, April 9th, in which he named those who supplied him with performance-enhancing … [Read more...]

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