Women File Numerous Lawsuits Against Lipitor

Pfizer Faces Growing Number of Lawsuits from Women with Lipitor Injuries Blockbuster pharmaceutical company Pfizer faces a growing multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the state of South Carolina alleging that Lipitor caused thousands of plaintiffs to develop Type 2 diabetes – and many of the plaintiffs are women. Lipitor is the brand name of a … [Read more...]

Type 2 Diabetes Could Shrink the Brain

Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Could Suffer Brain “Aging” Patients with Type 2 diabetes could be more prone to brain degeneration, according to a study recently published in the medical journal, Radiology. While patients with Type 2 diabetes are generally known to have memory problems, doctors originally believed that the issue was related to … [Read more...]

Nebraska Woman Files Lipitor Lawsuit

Elmwood-area Woman Files Lawsuit for Lipitor Injuries A woman from Elmwood, Nebraska has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, alleging that the pharmaceutical manufacturer failed to warn about the dangers of taking Lipitor. Jodie Ward filed the lawsuit in the middle of April of this year in the US District Court of Nebraska. Although her lawsuit is … [Read more...]

Two Kansas Women File Lipitor Lawsuits

Two Kansas Women File Personal Injury Lawsuits for Lipitor Side Effects The latest Lipitor lawsuits against Pfizer are not yet in the multidistrict litigation, but have been filed by two women in Kansas. Plaintiffs Alice Beems of Topeka, and Nora Hammerschmidt of Plainville, filed in separate filings that Pfizer failed two warn doctors and their … [Read more...]

Lipitor Might Be Available Over-the-Counter

Pfizer to Test Lipitor as Over-the-Counter Drug Pfizer announced that it would run tests to see if patients can responsibly self-dose themselves with Lipitor and its generic versions so that the company can sell the statin over-the-counter. Recent changes in clinical guidelines for treating heart disease and high cholesterol have led to changes … [Read more...]

Lipitor MDL Will Be Based in South Carolina

JPML Decides to Consolidate Lipitor Personal Injury Cases in South Carolina Federal Court On Tuesday, February 18th, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) reconsidered Lipitor plaintiffs’ request to form a multidistrict litigation against Pfizer, and concluded that there were enough lawsuits to proceed. The MDL will centralize in … [Read more...]

Pfizer Inc Faces Whistleblower Suit for Lipitor Marketing

Company Files Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Lipitor Manufacturer, Pfizer Inc Health Support Awareness Inc has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Pfizer Inc, the manufacturer behind controversial statin drug Lipitor. In their whistleblower lawsuit, Health Support Awareness accuses Pfizer of misbranding and promoting Lipitor for off-label uses … [Read more...]

New Lipitor Lawsuit Alleges Statin Caused Diabetes

Latest Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Lipitor Claims Type 2 Diabetes Caused by Statin Use A woman has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Lipitor manufacturer, Pfizer, Inc, claiming that the statin caused her to develop Type 2 diabetes. In September 2013, the FDA updated their advice on the statin with a warning: “People being treated … [Read more...]

Change in Cardio Advice Could Mean More Patients on Statins Like Lipitor

Changes in Advice for LDL Cholesterol Could Mean More Americans Treated with Statins like Lipitor A new approach to preventing cardiovascular disease was unveiled by the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association could lead to more Americans being treated with statins like Lipitor. Previously, doctors would treat patients … [Read more...]

W.Va Lipitor Personal Injury Cases Moved to Federal Court

Three Dozen Plaintiffs in West Virginia See Lipitor Lawsuits Moved to Federal Court The US District Court of Bluefield, West Virginia transferred 36 personal injury cases involving the statin drug Lipitor to the US District Court of Southern West Virginia between October 10th and October 14th. Some of the civil court cases that were transferred … [Read more...]

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