Tuomey Must Pay to Continue Medicare Fraud Appeal

Federal Judge Says Tuomey Must Come Up with $20 Million to Continue Medicare Fraud Appeal Sumter hospital Tuomey Healthcare Systems must pay $20 million to continue its appeal of the Medicare fraud penalty in two weeks, according to a federal judge. On Thursday, April 10th, a federal judge ruled that Tuomey must set aside $70 million to continue … [Read more...]

Teva Pharmaceuticals to Pay for Medicaid Fraud

Teva Pharmaceuticals Agrees to Pay Settlement in Medicaid Fraud Case Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, Ltd, which manufactures generic drugs, recently agreed to pay $27.6 million to settle Medicare and Medicaid fraud charges that the company gave kickbacks to a Chicago psychiatrist to prescribe the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s generic … [Read more...]

3 Miami Residents Charged with Medicare Fraud

More People in Miami Charged with Medicare Fraud Florida is the stereotypical home of millions of retirees, which means that the state is also home to the most Medicare fraud in the country. On Thursday, October 9th, three Miami residents were charged for their roles in a $23 million Medicare fraud scheme. Guillermo Delgado (45), Gabriel Delgado … [Read more...]

SC Woman Charged with Healthcare Fraud and Identity Theft

Woman Indicted on Charges of Identity Theft, Medicare Fraud, and Healthcare Fraud On Friday, July 5th, a woman from Andrews, SC was indicted on charges of healthcare fraud, Medicare fraud, and identity theft, according to United States Attorney General Bill Nettles. Queen Edwards Nesmith, 53 years old, was indicted by a federal grand jury on two … [Read more...]

Medicare Fraud Leads Feds to Block New Home Health Agencies

Federal Government Blocks New Home Health Agencies in Areas with Worst Medicare Fraud The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced in the last week of January that they would block approval for new home healthcare agencies in some areas due to worries about Medicare fraud. The 6-month moratorium on new home health agency … [Read more...]

Emory University to Pay $1.5 Million to Settle Whistleblower Lawsuit

Emory University Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit Over Fraudulent Medicare and Medicaid Billing Emory University in Atlanta, GA has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle claims in a whistleblower lawsuit that claim the school falsely billed Medicare and Medicaid for clinical trials that the government agencies do not cover. Reportedly, about $70,000 … [Read more...]

Hospice Owner Charged with Medicaid and Medicare Fraud

Hospice Owner Took Patients Who Were Not Dying, Charged with Medicaid and Medicare Fraud The owner and proprietor of a hospice service in Illinois has been charged with Medicaid and Medicare fraud for overbilling the federal government and taking patients who were not actually dying. Federal prosecutors allege that Seth Gillman, 45, administrator … [Read more...]

Famous NYC Doctor Settles Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit

NYC Doctor Known for Monotone Radio Spots Agrees to Medicare Fraud Whistleblower Settlement Gilbert Lederman, the former director of radiation oncology at Staten Island University Hospital, who treated late Beatle George Harrison, has agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle Medicare fraud whistleblower allegations involving his billings, and admit to … [Read more...]

Medicare Fraud Charges and Medicaid Fraud Charges: Inmate-Attorney Confidentiality Issues?

Medicare Fraud Charges and Medicaid Fraud Charges:  Emailing Your Attorney A doctor arrested for Medicare fraud charges and false billings is concerned that information relevant to his case may be intercepted by prison officials. His attorneys are now complaining that inmate-attorney confidentiality is being violated, which prevents his defense … [Read more...]

Med Supply Company CEO with “Wolf of Wall Street” Ties Faces Medicare Fraud Charges

“Wolf of Wall Street” Inspired Character, CEO of Medical Supply Company, Raided by FBI, Faces Medicare Fraud Charges On Wednesday, January 14th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided and shut down a medical supply company in South Florida as part of a larger Medicare fraud investigation when the CEO was arrested on Medicare Fraud charges. … [Read more...]

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