Can SC Legislate a 90 Percent Drop in Methamphetamine Lab Crimes?

A U.S. House subcommittee is currently hearing testimony to decide whether to put stricter restrictions on ephedrine and pseudoephedrine both key ingredients in methamphetamine. Even if the federal government does not pass these restrictions, South Carolina can still pass state legislation restricting access to these ingredients. So far, two states … [Read more...]

Lexington County Continues Busting Meth Labs and Drug Crimes in January

Lexington County Law Enforcement Serious About Drug Crimes and Busts in the New Year The law enforcement officers in Lexington County, South Carolina began a serious campaign last fall to round up criminals for manufacturing and/or distributing methamphetamines. It is a new year, but officers are still serious about drug crimes, especially with … [Read more...]

Popular Dietary Supplement Contains Meth-Like Drug

Study Finds that Popular Dietary Supplement “Craze” Has Methamphetamine-Like Compounds Last summer, USA Today investigated concerns over a dietary supplement called Craze, after learning that undisclosed amphetamine-like compounds were showing up in lab tests. Now, a newly-released study confirms the concern, and shows that the … [Read more...]

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