New Credit Card Fraud Phone Scam Hits Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach Police Warn of New Phone Scam That Leads to Credit Card Fraud Myrtle Beach police have issued a warning to residents that a new phone scam could lead to credit card fraud and identity theft. On Saturday, August 3rd, a 61-year-old woman reported that she had received a suspicious phone call from a person claiming to be with the … [Read more...]

A Dog’s 500 Mile Journey

One Myrtle Beach dog is living proof of the saying, “Man’s Best Friend”. According to ABC News, A three-year-old black Labrador dog named Bucky traveled 500 miles from Virginia to Myrtle Beach in hopes of reuniting with his owner. Bucky’s Story Bucky’s owner, Mark Wessells, took Bucky to live with his father in Winchester, Va after … [Read more...]

CAST Combats DUI and Underage Drinking

Myrtle Beach is stepping up patrols to combat underage drinking and DUIs this summer. Area police and community members have teamed up to increase efforts to prevent DUI crashes and underage drinking through the use of education, checkpoints and more training for authorities, according to members of Horry County Community Action for a Safer … [Read more...]

Two South Carolina Cities Make Up Top 10 Places to Move To

South Carolina Lawyers South Carolina is home to two of the top 10 cities that people are moving to. The rankings, published in the Fiscal Times, lists the Charleston Metro area as the number eight place to move to with the Myrtle Beach Metro area following close behind at number 9. The rankings take into effect different aspects including jobs … [Read more...]

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