Merck Settles NuvaRing Lawsuits for $100 Million

Merck Agrees to Settle NuvaRing Consolidated Personal Injury Cases for $100 Million Merck & Co, the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the US, has agreed to settle several thousand consolidated lawsuits against the company’s hormonal birth control device,NuvaRing, for $100 million. The settlement resolves both federal and state cases in … [Read more...]

Nuvaring Lawsuit

Nuvaring Lawsuit Nuvaring, manufactured by Merck & Co, Inc, is a small, intervaginal device, used to prevent pregnancy. The device is inserted once a month. The device was initially praise for its low dosage and easy use, as compared to the birth control pills’ daily regimen. Nuvaring is now being linked to various, and sometimes serious, … [Read more...]

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