Latest Ranbaxy Generic Drug Recall for Allergy Meds

Ranbaxy Issues Drug Recall for OTC Allergy Medication Generic drug manufacturer Ranbaxy has issued another drug recall, this time for an over-the-counter allergy medication because of imperfections in the packaging. According to the FDA, the drug recall was due to “an unacceptable level of blister defects,” or problems with the pills’ packaging. … [Read more...]

Lipitor Might Be Available Over-the-Counter

Pfizer to Test Lipitor as Over-the-Counter Drug Pfizer announced that it would run tests to see if patients can responsibly self-dose themselves with Lipitor and its generic versions so that the company can sell the statin over-the-counter. Recent changes in clinical guidelines for treating heart disease and high cholesterol have led to changes … [Read more...]

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