J&J Agree to $2.5 Billion Settlement for DePuy ASR Personal Injury Cases

Settlement Negotiations Finally Land on $2.5 Billion Payment to Victims of J&J’s DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Device After much back and forth, pharmaceutical manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has finally agreed to pay $2.5 billion to settle personal injury claims involving its all-metal hip replacement device, the DePuy ASR. J&J, its … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Columbia, SC Student Reaches Agreement

Judge Ruled for Wrongful Death Law Suit for Parents of Student Shot and Killed by Resource Officer Trevor Varinecz was shot and killed by Marcus Rhodes, a resource officer at the 16-year-old’s school district, in 2009. According to court documents, Varinecz had a form of autism, and had become increasingly depressed. He attacked Rhodes with a … [Read more...]

UC Davis Pepper-Spray Personal Injury Lawsuit Settles

University of California Davis has agreed to pay over $1 million to settle the personal injury lawsuit levied by students pepper sprayed in a demonstration last November. The students and faculty members, loosely part of the Occupy protests, were demonstrating against the privatization of the university, as well as rising tuition costs. However, … [Read more...]

International Cat Fight Ends With $1 million Personal Injury Lawsuit

Passion runs high during New York Fashion Week, and this year the tension exploded in a slap heard around the world. The spat was reportedly caused by several front-row seats – the seats for people who want to be seen at the high-end event – were removed by fire marshals. “About 30 minutes before Zac Posen’s scheduled start, fire marshals decided … [Read more...]

Singer Patti LaBelle’s Personal Injury Lawsuit Settled, But Deal May Not Go Through

Patti LaBelle agreed last week to pay $100,000 in a personal injury settlement filed against her. However, according to her lawyer, the deal may not go through. In November of 2010, LaBelle allegedly verbally abused, and attempted to physically abuse, a woman and her 17-month-old daughter in an apartment building in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. … [Read more...]

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