Fatal Boating Accident Leads to Indictment of Florence Man

Florence Man Indicted After Fatal Jet Ski Accident on Lake Marion In May of 2014, a 19-year-old girl from Clarendon County was killed in a jet ski accident on Lake Marion after colliding with a 26-year-old man. Around 7 p.m. on May 19th, the Florence man crashed his watercraft into the young girl’s jet ski. As a result, she was airlifted to a … [Read more...]

Sen. Harry Reid Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Exercise Band

Exercise Band Injures Senator Harry Reid, Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Fiery democratic senator, Harry Reid, suffered a serious eye injury after an exercise band allegedly caused him to break several bones around his eye, as well as several ribs. After almost a year of undergoing treatment, Reid has not only been forced to leave his political … [Read more...]

Dollywood Ride Injuries Lead to Lawsuit

Lawsuit filed against Dollywood For Ride Related Injuries In December 2013, a woman was injured on a ride at Tennessee theme park, Dollywood, after lifting the safety bar just before the ride came to a complete stop. After suffering brain trauma, she and her husband sued the theme park seeking compensation for her personal injuries, alleging that … [Read more...]

Serious Personal Injury from Zip Lines on the Rise

Study Shows that Zip Line’s Growing Popularity Linked to Rise in Personal Injuries Thrill-seekers started the trend of flying through the air on a zip line, but in the past 16 years, the craze has swept the US. Now practically every summer camp, vacation hot spot, and theme park has a zip line. Many residential homes have “amateur” zip lines … [Read more...]

Two Serious Dog Bite Attacks in SC

Two Dog Bite Attacks in South Carolina Lead to Questions about Liability and Responsibility Two vicious dog bite attacks – one in Greenville and one in Spartanburg – have left two victims seriously injured, while another died. The Greenville incident involved a dog that the family did not expect to become so brutal. "The dog was not aggressive, … [Read more...]

Children with Traumatic Brain Injury More Likely to Have ADHD

Children Who Suffer Traumatic Brain Injury are More Likely to Develop ADHD or Other Long-Term Attention Problems A new study published in the journal Pediatrics shows a link between ADHD or attention disorders in children and traumatic brain injury. Even a minor brain injury like a concussion can increase a child’s likelihood of developing … [Read more...]

Elderly Patients Less Likely to Survive Burn Injuries

Study Shows Elderly Patients Have Higher Mortality When Serious Burn Injuries are Involved A Canadian study shows that elderly patients who suffer serious burn injuries are less likely to survive treatment. Researchers at the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre investigated why senior citizens developed serious complications when they suffered … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Highlights Treadmill Accidents

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death on Treadmills is Common, According to Stats The announcement of CEO Dave Goldberg’s death on Friday, May 1st, in a treadmill accident was shocking to many people. While it is still unclear exactly what caused the CEO of SurveyMonkey to fall and fatally hit his head, his death has created much discussion around … [Read more...]

NC Closes One Frat, Suspends Another for Hazing Accusations

Disgusting Pledge Book Found at Frat Leads to Disbanding Due to Hazing Accusations On Wednesday, March 25th, North Carolina State University announced that it had disbanded one fraternity on hazing accusations, and would review all fraternity and sorority activities, after the school found a pledge book filled with racist slurs and sexually … [Read more...]

Hazing Victims in South Carolina

South Carolina Hazing Victim Attorneys Hazing is a very real and very serious problem in our society. Whether it’s “Hell Week” at the Citadel, in a fraternity or sorority, in our military, sports teams, or in any number of other groups, hazing happens too often. The results can be deadly when you are a hazing victim. Hazing has been shown to … [Read more...]

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