35 Arrests in Sumter County Drug Sting

According to the Sumter Item, The Sumter Police Department arrested thirty-five people last Thursday and Friday as part of Operation DEU, or Drug Enforcement Undertaking, an extensive undercover effort. Capt. Alvin Holston said the SPD's Organized Crime and Vice Control unit targeted street-level drug dealers over the past six to 12 months, and … [Read more...]

Sumter County Drug Bust Hoped to End Recruitment of 13 year olds To Sell Crack Cocaine

Last Friday, the Sumter County Sherriff’s Department arrested 23 suspects near the town of Shiloh, believed not only to be selling drugs, but recruiting 13 year olds to sell crack cocaine. Deputies charged John and Marcus Hogan with selling crack cocaine from inside a convenience store where they worked. As part of the the Sumter County drug bust … [Read more...]

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