Pradaxa Side Effects Can Be Dangerous and Severe

Two New Studies Show Pradaxa Side Effects Can Be Dangerous Compared to Other Blood Thinners As more patients file lawsuits against Pradaxa due to Pradaxa side effects lead to serious injuries or death from strokes and blood clots, two new studies published at the end of October show that Pradaxa has many more dangers compared to older generation … [Read more...]

Pradaxa Manufacturers Blasted for Marketing

Medical Journal Blasts Pradaxa Manufacturer for Marketing Practices The British Medical Journal published a scathing report of Pradaxa manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim’s marketing practices, with four reports suggesting that the drug company intentionally withheld important safety data on the blood thinner. According to the report in the … [Read more...]

Pradaxa Side Effects Prompt Class Action

Pradaxa Class Action Lawsuit in Canada Alleges Pradaxa Side Effects Not Disclosed A class action lawsuit filed in the British Columbia supreme court alleges that the potential for serious Pradaxa side effects was not properly disclosed on the label. Gladys Chouinard, who lived in BC, had a heart attack and valve replacement and was prescribed … [Read more...]

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