Dr. With Pending Medical Malpractice Lawsuit and Girlfriend Found Dead

A plastic surgeon -- convicted of kidnapping, and facing a medical malpractice lawsuit -- and his girlfriend are found dead in what investigators are calling a murder suicide. The discovery of the bodies of Joseph Berg, 47, and Lucy Schwartz, 49, in a Salt Lake City home came just before noon on Monday. Berg left prison after serving time for a … [Read more...]

Chris Brown and Drake are Facing $16 million lawsuit

Hip Hop stars, Chris Brown and Drake, are now facing a lawsuit stemming from a June brawl that broke out in a New York City Club. The $16 million, filed by Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, alleges the brawl between Brown and Drake’s group cost the Greenhouse trademark a $4 million licensing deal that they had recently brokered. The Brawl The … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Over Pubic Hair?

A Montana beauty school is facing a sexual harassment lawsuit stemming over pubic hair, among other allegations. Seventeen students and employees allege that Dahl’s College of Beauty in Great Falls forced them to cut pubic hair and then expelled the students, according to the Huffington Post. The complainants, all women, state that beauty … [Read more...]

A license to weave: Do you need a professional license to braid hair?

In South Carolina you do have to have a professional license to become a hair braider, but it does not have to be cosmetology license. A  Utah Woman’s Case A Utah case recently shed light on the issue on whether hair braiders must be required to possess a cosmetology license. Cosmetology license and hair braider rules and regulations vary from … [Read more...]

Armed Security Guards Need Better Professional Licensing Standards

Poor Training and Oversight, Lack of Mental Health Evaluations for Armed Security Guards Means Weak Professional Licensing Police brutality and excessive force have dominated US headlines since the August death of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. However, another group of enforcement agents can be a source of deadly or excessive force. … [Read more...]

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