How Prom Hair and Protective Parenting Lead to Jail time

From Lexington High School to A.C. Flora, its time for the prom, class parties and graduation trips. Whether you are browsing prom dresses for 2010, looking at prom hair, prom makeup, planning your first week trip to Myrtle Beach, or deciding what to wear for graduation, I bet jail time is the last thing from your mind. However, for many students, … [Read more...]

“Out Of Their Hands” Targets Underage Drinking

Spring is in the air.  From Lexington High to Dreher, for many high school students that means it’s time to shop for a dress, rent a tuxedo, or purchase a cap and gown. Prom, high school graduation, and first week at the beach often go hand in hand with underage drinking. Underage drinking is a serious problem in South Carolina and can lead to … [Read more...]

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