DaVita Settles Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit

Kidney Dialysis Provider DaVita Agrees to Healthcare Fraud Whistleblower Lawsuit SettlementDaVita Healthcare Partners Inc has agreed to pay $450 million to settle a healthcare fraud whistleblower lawsuit which accused the company of intentionally wasting medications in order to overbill Medicare.The company is the US’s largest kidney dialysis … [Read more...]

California Man Sentenced for Healthcare Fraud in SC

California Resident Found Guilty of Healthcare Fraud in South CarolinaA man from California has been found guilty in Columbia, SC for healthcare fraud and money laundering in connection with a “ghost” medical clinic he set up in South Carolina, which filed more than $1 million in fraudulent Medicare claims.Karo Gotti Blkhoyan, a.k.a. “Gotti,” … [Read more...]

Maine Settles Document Shredding Whistleblower Lawsuit for $250,000

Maine Will Pay $250,000 to Settle CDC Document-Shredding Whistleblower LawsuitThe State of Maine has agreed to pay $250,000 to two whistleblowers and the Maine Centers for Disease Control, after the plaintiffs filed a qui tam lawsuit alleging that they were wrongfully discriminated against by a CDC director after they refused to participate in … [Read more...]

Med Supply Company CEO with “Wolf of Wall Street” Ties Faces Medicare Fraud Charges

“Wolf of Wall Street” Inspired Character, CEO of Medical Supply Company, Raided by FBI, Faces Medicare Fraud Charges On Wednesday, January 14th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided and shut down a medical supply company in South Florida as part of a larger Medicare fraud investigation when the CEO was arrested on Medicare Fraud charges. … [Read more...]

Kaplan For-Profit College Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit

Kaplan For-Profit College Settles Whistleblower Lawsuit with DOJThe for-profit Kaplan College has agreed to a settlement with the Department of Justice over a whistleblower lawsuit, and will pay $1.3 million.A former employee of Kaplan, Leslie Coleman, filed the whistleblower lawsuit in 2012, claiming that two of the college’s Texas-based … [Read more...]

Dignity Healthcare to Pay $37 Million for Medicare Fraud

Dignity Healthcare Settles Medicare Fraud and False Claims Suit with $37 MillionThe fifth-largest hospital chain in the United States agreed on Thursday, October 30th, to pay $37 million to settle allegations through the Department of Justice that the company committed Medicare fraud and defrauded the US government.The California-based … [Read more...]

Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Wells Fargo and Wachovia Unsealed

Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Wachovia, Owned by Wells Fargo, Unsealed in Federal Court Wells Fargo, which purchased failing bank Wachovia, faces a newly-unsealed whistleblower lawsuit dating back to 2011, which alleges that Wachovia’s investment bank violated accounting rules and internal controls for short-term profit.Two whistleblowers, … [Read more...]

Whistleblower Lawsuit Unsealed for Derco Aerospace

Derco Aerospace, Other Tech Companies, Face Whistleblower Lawsuit for OverbillingA new whistleblower lawsuit has been unsealed by the Department of Justice involving United Technologies Corp, and three of their units – one of which is Derco Aerospace – for overbilling the United States government for a Navy contract in 2006.The whistleblower, … [Read more...]

Qui-Tam Lawsuit Against Celgene Proceeds

Qui-Tam Lawsuit Against Celgene for Off-Label Marketing of Drugs Will ProceedA qui-tam lawsuit brought against Celgene Corporation for two of its cancer drugs will proceed, according to a judge that refused to throw the lawsuit out.Sales representative Beverly Brown filed a whistleblower lawsuit against Celgene, claiming that the pharmaceutical … [Read more...]

Whistleblower Lawsuit Filed Against Art Institute Parent Company

Department of Justice Joins Whistleblower Lawsuit Against Art Institute’s Parent CompanyOn Monday, June 9th, the federal Department of Justice, along with four states, filed a multibillion-dollar whistleblower lawsuit against the Education Management Corporation, the US’s second-largest for-profit college company that manages the Art Institute in … [Read more...]

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