Beware of Spiders?

Spiders on a plane? Seems eerily reminiscent of the movie “Snakes on Plane”; however, this plot is not fictional. A Georgia woman recently settled a personal injury lawsuit with Delta Airlines after suffering a bite from a brown recluse spider. The Bite Brandi DeLaO, 38, awoke to a pinching sensation in her thigh while on a Delta flight to … [Read more...]

More Help for Accident Victims!

South Carolina Accident Lawyer Good news  was announced Tuesday by the  City of Columbia and Richland County emergency personnel department for accident victims. Many City of Columbia and Richland County firefighters are now trained and able to drive ambulances when necessary. In total 200 Columbia-Richland firefighters will be able to assist in … [Read more...]

Hit and Run at a Hospital?

Instead of leaving the hospital, one woman is now in the hospital after being a victim of a hit and run accident. According to WIS, the accident occurred on Palmetto Health Richland’s campus. A woman was standing on the sidewalk on Medical Park Drive around 3 a.m. Sunday morning, when an oncoming vehicle hit her. The vehicle did not stop, but … [Read more...]

Member of President Obama’s Motorcade Dies after Accident

A member of President Obama’s motorcade in Florida died resulting from an accident involving an F 150 pickup truck. The officer, riding on a motorcycle, died Sunday afternoon in a West Palm Beach Hospital. The Accident According to CNN, the accident occurred Sunday, September 9 around 4:30 p.m. The officer, identified as Officer Bruce St. … [Read more...]

Rollover Accidents and a 2012 Mercedes SLS

South Carolina Accident Lawyer What causes a vehicle rollover accident and how can you prevent from getting seriously injured or killed? http://youtu.be/zauEeIwQV0g One quarter of all vehicle-related fatalities are due to rollover accidents. Most commonly in rollover accident fatalities, the passenger is ejected from the seat and thrown out of … [Read more...]

New Cars Bring New Difficulty for Auto Accident Responders

Cars are making rescue harder in the event of an auto accident. First responders now have to go outside their normal protocol to figure out how to rescue accident victims. What is different in these new cars from cars before? New types of steel make up the body of these new cars. This new type of steel is harder to cut, and contains high-voltage … [Read more...]

W.Va Concert Leads to Wrongful Death Lawsuit by Families of 3 Mt. Pleasant Women

A Virginia driver, who crashed into the tent of 3 South Carolina women at a West Virginia music festival, wants to settle wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits. Nicole Miller and friends Yen Ton and Elizabeth Doran were sleeping in a tent at the All Good Music Festival near Masontown, W.Va. when they were struck by a pickup truck driven by … [Read more...]

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