Two Potential Kidnappings Have Lexington On Edge

Two Girls in Lexington Almost Kidnapped, Neighborhood Searching for Kidnapper Two girls in the past month narrowly escaped kidnapping in a Lexington neighborhood. The neighborhood is now looking for the suspect. At the end of February, a man tried to pick up a 14-year-old girl at a bus stop on Edmund Highway, near Lexington. He asked her if she … [Read more...]

West Coast Kidnapping Suspect Found in South Carolina

Los Angeles Man Accused of Kidnapping Discovered with Victim in Grand Strand A man wanted on the West Coast for “child stealing” has been discovered after two years in hiding in Grand Strand, SC. Donald Eugene Byrd, 59, has been on the run for two years after kidnapping his grandson, who was 12 at the time. He took the boy from the child’s … [Read more...]

Former Teacher’s Aide Charged with First Degree Murder in Overdose Deaths

Colorado Woman Charged with Accused of Giving Prescription Drugs and Causing Overdose Deaths A woman from Arapahoe County in Colorado has been charged with the overdose death of a young man found in her bed. However, according to court reports and police investigations, the suspect is responsible for many overdoses, including four deaths, over … [Read more...]

Gabrielle Swainson’s Body Found After Kidnapping and Murder Suspect Confessed

Suspect in Gabrielle Swainson’s Kidnapping and Murder Pointed to Her Grave After 357 days, the only suspect in Gabrielle Swainson’s kidnapping and murder has decided to cooperate with law enforcement. On the evening of Thursday, August 8th, he agreed to help officers find her body. Freddie Grant, 53, has been the only suspect in Gabbiee’s … [Read more...]

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