SC Senate Votes Overwhelmingly to Ban Sweepstakes Devices as Illegal Gambling

Senate Votes to Put Controversial Sweepstakes Devices on Illegal Gambling List On Tuesday, January 15th, the South Carolina senate voted with an overwhelming majority stating that the controversial sweepstakes devices – which could be found in a variety of stores, and even some chain restaurants – would be considered illegal gambling … [Read more...]

Violence in 5 Points: Real, or Over-Hyped?

South Carolina Criminal Procedures - 5 Points' Night Life and Criminal Activity Reports from 5 Points patrons and business owners say that crime in 5 Points – a popular nightlife destination in Columbia, SC – is up. According to police statistics, however, crime is actually down 14%, thanks to South Carolina criminal procedures. Patrons and … [Read more...]

Let’s Skype: Video Visitations New Norm For Inmates

Are video visitations taking the place of in person visitations? District of Columbia jails made the switch from in person visitations to video visitations on July 25. Shatterproof glass used to separate inmates at District of Columbia jails. Now, inmates and visitors are in two separated buildings only connected through computers equipped with … [Read more...]

High School Student Arrested for Criminal Offense After Weapons Found in Vehicle

In Aftermath of Sandy Hook Shooting, Student Arrested for Criminal Offense of Gun Possession A 17-year-old South Carolina high school student was arrested on Monday, December 17th, after a tip from a fellow student led authorities to search the 17-year-old’s car. Inside, they found a large stash of weapons. The student, Hunter Ray Green, … [Read more...]

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