The Business Behind the Medical Marijuana Business

Medical marijuana may be legal in 17 states, but is illegal according to the federal government forcing medical marijuana businesses to shutdown. Medical Marijuana Laws Seventeen states including California, Colorado and New Mexico have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. Each of the seventeen states has specific requirements and … [Read more...]

Can SC Legislate a 90 Percent Drop in Methamphetamine Lab Crimes?

A U.S. House subcommittee is currently hearing testimony to decide whether to put stricter restrictions on ephedrine and pseudoephedrine both key ingredients in methamphetamine. Even if the federal government does not pass these restrictions, South Carolina can still pass state legislation restricting access to these ingredients. So far, two states … [Read more...]

Snoop Dogg banned from Norway for Drug Crimes

Snoop Dogg is in trouble with the law again. This time, though, he is not in trouble with the US government, but the government of Norway. Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, has been banned from Norway for two years after trying to enter the country with a small amount of marijuana and more cash than is legally allowed. Upon … [Read more...]

Supreme Court Says Drug Sniffing Dogs Need Warrant in Potential Drug Crimes Cases

New Supreme Court Ruling Says Drug Dogs Cannot Sniff Out Potential Drug Crimes Without Warrant On Tuesday, March 26th, the Supreme Court decided that drug-sniffing dogs cannot be used to arrest citizens on drug crimes charges without first getting a warrant. The specific case brought before the court involved Franky, a chocolate Labrador … [Read more...]

Molly Is Not So Innocent

Is molly dangerous? Even at its purest form, MDMA, street name "molly," can be dangerous. MDMA may ship from as far away as Asia, Canada and even the Netherlands. Most molly users do not know the type of lab environment used in the production of molly. Many may not take the drug if they actually knew where production happened and what the … [Read more...]

Virginia Doctor Convicted for Prescription Drug Charges

Pain Management Doctor Convicted on Drug Charges for Illegal Prescriptions A pain management doctor from Virginia has been convicted on drug charges for illegally prescribing dangerous pain medications. The jury deliberated for four hours before returning with a vote. Dr. Linda Sue Cheek has been found guilty on 172 of the 173 counts of drug … [Read more...]

Have You Seen Molly?

Have you ever heard of molly? No, we are not talking about a person; we are talking about a drug. Molly is the drug of choice for many avid concert-goers and youth around the country. Posters and flyers around many music festivals feature the question, “Have you seen molly?” - a tool many use to obtain the drug. What is molly? The Drug … [Read more...]

Drug Trafficking in Empanadas?

A luggage deliveryman stands in the center of drug trafficking gang that smuggled drugs hidden inside candy wrappers, candy, sugar containers, oatmeal cookie containers, stuffed inside empanadas and even on diplomas from south of the border. The deliveryman also is accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of valuables from luggage … [Read more...]

Brunswick Pain Clinic Staff Indicted

Five members of a Brunswick, GA pain clinic staff were indicted for drug conspiracy. The Florida Times-Union reported that until August a federal grand jury had sealed the indictment, which included the names of those charged. Those facing charges stemming from the Brunswick pain clinic raid include: Ronald R. Colandrea Jr.: principal owner … [Read more...]

Lexington County Busts Three More for Meth Lab in March

Three More People Arrested for Meth Lab Operation in Lexington County The Lexington County Multi-Agency Narcotics Enforcement Team arrested two men and one woman on Tuesday, March 5th, for operating a clandestine meth lab in West Columbia. Deputies arrested 40-year-old Jerald David Chase, 27-year-old Jimmy Leon Marsh, III, and 32-year-old Betty … [Read more...]

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