South Carolina Woman Sentenced for Social Security Fraud after Hiding Grandfather’s Body

Upstate SC Woman Hid Grandfather’s Body to Collect SS Checks, Sentenced for Social Security Fraud A woman from Greenwood, SC was sentenced to 10 months on Tuesday, January 15th, for social security fraud, among other charges. According to court documents, Alicia Kelly hid her grandfather’s body after he passed away, and continued to cash his … [Read more...]

Sumter Men Sentenced in Federal Insurance Fraud Case

Plot to Get Insurance Money by Severing a Hand Failed, Men Sentenced for Federal Insurance Fraud In 2008, two men severed a third man’s hand in a strange insurance fraud case. On December 14th, the men were sentenced in a federal court for their egregious crimes. The “mastermind” of the plot was a man named David Player, a 58-year-old Sumter man, … [Read more...]

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