Two Girls Arrested in Bullying-Related Suicide

Two Florida Girls Arrested for Bullying that Led to Classmate’s Suicide Two girls have been arrested in the death of a 12-year-old Central Florida acquaintance after she reportedly committed suicide after months of severe bullying and harassment. One of the suspects is 12, and the other is 14, according to officials. Both have been charged with … [Read more...]

DHEC Investigating Toxins in Sewer Systems

Illegal Toxins Show Up in Columbia-Area Sewer and Water Systems Near Restaurant The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control is investigating the potential illegal dumping of hazardous materials in or near a restaurant, causing a spike in illegal toxins in the water in the Columbia area. Cancer-causing toxins called … [Read more...]

Lipitor Lawsuits Will Not Be Consolidated in Federal Court

Judge Denies Motion to Consolidate Lipitor Personal Injury Lawsuits After three months of deliberation, a panel for multidistrict litigations (MDLs) has decided that it will not consolidate all of the Lipitor Type2 diabetes lawsuits into one MDL. The US Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, in its order, wrote that “in particular, almost … [Read more...]

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Chobani Yogurt

California Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Greek Yogurt Manufacturer for Food Recall On Monday, September 9th, Chobani Yogurt was hit with a class action lawsuit filed in a Los Angeles, California federal court. The suit accuses the manufacturer of making and distributing mold-tainted yogurt, which caused some customers to fall ill. As of … [Read more...]

City of Columbia Settles Federal Pollution Lawsuit

Columbia Agrees to Costly Upgrade of Sewage System and Settles Federal Pollution Lawsuit The City of Columbia has agreed to make $750 million in changes and upgrades to its sewer system after a federal pollution lawsuit alleged that the city violated the federal Clean Water Act. The settlement was announced on Tuesday, September 10th, by the US … [Read more...]

Granuflo Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed in California

Number of Personal Injury Lawsuits Due to Granuflo Use Continues to Rise On August 27th of this year, Tina Nunn filed a wrongful death personal injury lawsuit on behalf of her decreased husband, Earin Blossom, against Fresenius Medical Care, alleging that use of their Granuflo dialysis powder caused his wrongful death. At present, only Nunn is … [Read more...]

Company at Center of Cyclospora Outbreak Has Large Number of Recalls

Taylor Farms, Maker of Cyclospora-Tainted Salad Mix, Has Issued Huge Number of Voluntary Recalls in Past Years Taylor Farms, the company that produced salad mix tainted with cyclospora that was then sold at Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants across the US, has a history of voluntary product recalls for potentially tainted products in the … [Read more...]

South Carolina’s Governor Signs Student Athlete Concussion Bill

Concussion Prevention Important to Lawmakers in South Carolina On Thursday, August 15th, Governor Nikki Haley signed the Student Athlete Concussion bill, also known as H. 3061, into law at a ceremonial signing. “As a governor I fully support this legislation, but as a mother with a son who plays basketball and a daughter who is a cheerleader, this … [Read more...]

Texas Compounding Pharmacy Issues Dangerous Drug Recall

Another Dangerous Drug Recall from a Compounding Pharmacy Issued After 15 Infections Reported After last fall’s fungal meningitis dangerous drug recall, another compounding pharmacy, this time in Texas, has reported a series of infections related to its products and has issued a recall. Specialty Compounding, LLC, of Cedar Park, Texas, has … [Read more...]

Indoor Trampoline Gyms Face Personal Injury Lawsuits

Utah and California Crack Down on Indoor Trampoline Facilities After Reports of Personal Injury After hearing reports about serious personal injury, including deep gashes and paralysis, authorities in Utah and California are discussing how to better regulate a new and hugely-popular sports phenomenon – indoor trampoline gyms. Some doctors and … [Read more...]

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