Baby Einstein Manufacturer Issues Product Recall After Injuries

Manufacturer Issues Product Recall for Baby Einstein After Children Suffer Bruising, Skull Fractures Kids II has issued a voluntary product recall for 400,000 Baby Einstein “Musical Motion Activity Jumper” play sets in the United States and Canada, after the company received almost 100 complaints about the product causing injury to children who … [Read more...]

Babies R Us Issues Product Recall for HALO SleepSacks

Product Recall for HALO SleepSacks Babies R Us, the exclusive sellers of HALO SleepSacks, have issued a product recall for the popular infant item. The SleepSacks were reportedly sold between December 2011 and July 2013. They were approximately $25 each. The product recall was issued after the US Consumer Product Safety Commission received six … [Read more...]

IKEA Issues Product Recall for Two Children’s Beds

Two Models of Children’s Beds Under IKEA Product Recall The popular Swedish furniture company IKEA has issued a voluntary product recall for two models of children’s beds that could cause laceration injury. The KRITTER and SNIGLAR junior beds reportedly have a metal rod in the side rail of the bed that could break, exposing hazardous sharp edges … [Read more...]

Whole Foods Issues Product Recall For Cheese After Deadly Bacterial Infection Reported

Consumers Report Illness, Listeria Contamination, Leading to Whole Foods Product Recall Whole Foods has built a reputation on marketing healthy foods to consumers. However, just because the grocery store chain focuses on health consciousness does not mean they and their suppliers are immune to food-borne pathogens. The chain’s latest product … [Read more...]

Chobani Issues Food Recall for Yogurt

After A Delay, Chobani Issues Food Recall for Greek Yogurt On Wednesday, September 3rd, the Food and Drug Administration said that Chobani, manufacturers of a popular Greek yogurt, have agreed to issue a food recall for their products, after numerous customer complaints. The previous week, Chobani asked retailers to begin removing certain … [Read more...]

Surge Protectors Under Product Recall Due to Fire Hazard

15 Million Surge Protectors Under Serious Product Recall After Causing Fire Hazard Schneider Electric has issued a product recall for 15 million of its surge protectors after reports of the item starting fires. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says that they have received more than 700 complaints of the surge protectors overheating or … [Read more...]

Product Recall Says Spray-On Sunscreen Burns

Spray-On Sunscreens Are Flammable, According to Product Recall Most people apply sunscreen to avoid getting burned by the sun. However, a product recall issued from both the Food and Drug Administration, as well as the manufacturer, says that spray-on sunscreens can burn consumers in other ways – because they’re flammable. Many spray-on … [Read more...]

Nova Diabetes Care Issues Product Recall for Glucose Test Strips

Manufacturer of Glucose Test Strips Issues Product Recall Due to False Readings Nova Diabetes Care has issued a voluntary product recall for 62 million glucose test strips which can show an incorrect high sugar level reading, according to an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday, July 31st. On Friday, July 26th, the … [Read more...]

Sunscreen Under Product Recall for Bacteria and Fungi Contamination

“Natural” Sunscreens Face Product Recall Due to Contamination from Microorganisms Badger Sunscreens for babies and children are under a product recall after testing found that the sunscreens could be contaminated with bacteria and fungi, according to the manufacturer. W.S. Badger Co, Inc, is the leading producer of natural sunscreens. The company … [Read more...]

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