17-Year-Old South Carolina Thief Arrested on Burglary Charges

Teenager Found in Stolen Car, Arrested  on Burglary Charges after Break-In in Chapin A 17-year-old from Little Mountain, SC was arrested by the Lexington County sheriff’s department on burglary charges, and for possession of a stolen vehicle. At 8:30 AM on December 12th, Charles Jacob Leo Frick, with two 16-year-old friends, broke into a home in … [Read more...]

Five South Carolina Robbery Suspects Found and Arrested

South Carolina Robbery Suspects Caught With Help of Vigilant Neighbors and DNA Evidence After a series of burglaries in Northeast Richland County, local officials have arrested five men, after finding DNA evidence at the scenes that linked them to the crimes. Deputies arrested 20-year-old Phillip Brandon Oliver for burglary and grand larceny, … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Oreos Hit You on the Way Out!

A South Carolina man is facing robbery charges after a beat down by a Family Dollar clerk while trying to rob the store. The Incident According to WIS TV, Warren McDaniels walked into the Family Dollar at 1735 Decker Blvd at 9 a.m. July 28. McDaniels approached the register and handed his money to the clerk. As the clerk was placing his money … [Read more...]

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