New Study Shows Transvaginal Mesh is Ineffective

Results of a New Study Show that Transvaginal Mesh is Ineffective in Prolapse Repair The findings of a recently published study show that transvaginal mesh is not beneficial for the repair of vaginal prolapse. The study, conducted by Robert E. Gutman, MD, from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, was published in the September 6th online … [Read more...]

Major Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers In Settlement Talks

Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturers In Talks to Settle Lawsuits Some of the major transvaginal mesh manufacturers, which face thousands of lawsuits each, began personal injury settlement talks on Monday, September 30th. Lawyers from CR Bard, Endo Health Solutions, Boston Scientific, Coloplast, and Cook Medical, began settlement talks regarding … [Read more...]

Latest Transvaginal Mesh Personal Injury Case Against Two Manufacturers

Transvaginal Mesh Injury Victim Received Two Sling Devices from Two Manufacturers In August, a plaintiff filed a transvaginal mesh personal injury lawsuit because she received two mesh slings to treat her stress urinary incontinence (SUI), and both devices – from two different manufacturers – failed and have caused serious … [Read more...]

CR Bard to Buy Rochester Medical to Expand Urinary Incontinence Treatments

Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer CR Bard to Buy New Company for Edge in Urinary Retention and Incontinence Market Medical device company CR Bard – currently facing thousands of personal injury lawsuits related to their transvaginal mesh devices – reported that they will pay $262 million, or $20 per share, to acquire Rochester Medical in order to … [Read more...]

Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer Settles 2nd Bellwether Case Out of Court

CR Bard Settles Second Transvaginal Mesh Bellwether Case Before Trial The beginning of the second bellwether case, chosen to represent the more than 8,000 transvaginal mesh personal injury cases against CR Bard, has been settled before the rapidly-approaching trial began. Plaintiff Wanda Queen’s trial was slated to begin on August 21st, in the … [Read more...]

Next Transvaginal Mesh Personal Injury Lawsuit Already Underway

Next Case Against Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer CR Bard Already Going to Trial The second in a series of bellwether cases against transvaginal mesh manufacturer CR Bard is already headed to trial in the US District Court of West Virginia – it began on August 19th, the week after the first CR Bard bellwether case was decided in favor of the … [Read more...]

CR Bard Loses Transvaginal Mesh Bellwether Trial

First Bellwether Trial against Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer Bard in Favor of Plaintiff On August 16th, the jury in the first bellwether trial against CR Bard decided in favor of the plaintiff, and the transvaginal mesh manufacturer has been ordered to pay $2 million for personal injury. The Charleston, West Virginia transvaginal mesh trial was … [Read more...]

CR Bard Executive Dodges Questions in Transvaginal Mesh Bellwether Case

Judge is “Frustrated” With Executive in Bard Transvaginal Mesh Personal Injury Trial On Thursday, August 8th, Laura Bigby, director of research and development for transvaginal mesh manufacturer CR Bard, was cross-examined by the plaintiff’s lead attorney. She spent three hours dodging questions about transvaginal mesh safety and the validity of … [Read more...]

AMS Transvaginal Mesh Bellwether Cases Chosen for Trial

Trial Dates Set on Bellwether Cases for American Medical System’s Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits The American Medical System’s multidistrict litigation (MDL) reportedly has 8,614 transvaginal mesh personal injury cases lined up. On Thursday, June 20th, Endo Pharmaceuticals – the transvaginal mesh subsidiary of AMS – offered $54.5 million to settle … [Read more...]

Bard’s Transvaginal Mesh Made from Plastic Unsafe for Humans

Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer Used Plastic Deemed Unsuitable for Humans C.R. Bard used plastic in their transvaginal mesh devices that was, according to the plastic’s manufacturer, unsuitable for human implantation. Court records that have been unsealed in the multidistrict litigation against the transvaginal mesh manufacturer show that managers … [Read more...]

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