SC DUIs Increase During the Sober or Slammer Campaign

Sober or Slammer Campaign Catches More DUIs During Holiday Season During many holiday seasons, South Carolina launches the Sober or Slammer program –placing increased police officer attention on monitoring traffic to catch drunk drivers to help prevent DUI accidents. The program catches more drunk drivers, according to law enforcement officials, … [Read more...]

Randy Travis is in Trouble with the Law Again!

Country singer Randy Travis is finding himself in trouble with the law, for a third time this year. According to the LA Times, Travis’ most recent arrest stems from an altercation between his fiancée and her estranged husband. Travis received a citation Thursday, August 23 for Class C simple assault, according to Plano police spokesman David … [Read more...]

Don’t Drink and Drive During the Christmas Holidays

Traditionally law enforcement steps up its efforts during the holiday season. With all of the holiday parties and fêtes taking place, this year is no different. NewsChannel7  reports that the South Carolina Commission on Prosecution has received $1.2 million in federal grant money for the prosecution and enforcement of those individuals charged … [Read more...]

Oscar Winners and Celeb Dads Face DUI Charges

Even Oscar winners and celebrity dads are not immune to DUI charges This past weekend Oscar winning cinematographer, Robert Richardson, was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Just last week, pop singers Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson, faced formal charges of two counts of DUI. Cinematographer Bombs Field Sobriety Test Robert … [Read more...]

Jenna Jameson Pleads Guilty to DUI Charges

Adult film star, Jenna Jameson, plead guilty to DUI. Last month, Jameson entered a not-guilty plea, but had seconds thought about her plea. She entered a plea of guilty on Thursday, August 16 in Orange County District Court. The Accident Jameson charges stem from an arrest on May 25 after her car struck a light pole in Westminster, … [Read more...]

Sober or Slammer Campaign Aims to End DUI Deaths

South Carolina Begins Sober or Slammer Campaign to End DUI Accidents and Deaths South Carolina will step up law enforcement presence beginning Friday, August 15th, running through Labor Day in September, as part of the Sober or Slammer campaign working to prevent DUI accidents and deaths on SC’s roads.  South Carolina DUI charges are serious and … [Read more...]

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