Social Security Disability Can Help Those with Chronic Kidney Disease

Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease or Preliminary Diseases Should File for Social Security Disability If you have been diagnosed with a kidney disorder like chronic kidney disease or kidney cancer, as well as diseases that can cause chronic kidney disorder, you may be eligible for social security disability. March, for many, is a month to focus … [Read more...]

Appeal By Social Security Disability Video Hearing More Common

1 in 3 SSD Claimants Uses A Social Security Disability Video Hearing for Their Appeal According to a new report, 1 in 3 Social Security Disability applicants who go through the appeals process request a Social Security Disability video hearing rather than appearing in person. "It's common to have some anxieties about getting ready for a Social … [Read more...]

Top 10 Things To Know About Social Security Disability Benefits

Social Security Disability Benefits: Top 10 Things You Should Know 1. What is the difference between Social Security Disability and Social Security Retirement? The official retirement age to begin receiving full Social Security Retirement benefits is currently 67 years old. You are legally allowed to begin receiving retirement benefits as early … [Read more...]

Hack Attack on South Carolina More Damaging And Extensive Than Estimated

South Carolina Hack Attack Numbers Go Up Officials in South Carolina say that 200,000 more tax returns have been accessed than initially thought. Now, the state thinks the total number of individual tax returns that were hacked is 3.8 million, with 657,000 business tax returns also hacked. A spokeswoman said that this number is, … [Read more...]

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