South Carolina Woman Sentenced for Social Security Fraud after Hiding Grandfather’s Body

Upstate SC Woman Hid Grandfather’s Body to Collect SS Checks, Sentenced for Social Security Fraud A woman from Greenwood, SC was sentenced to 10 months on Tuesday, January 15th, for social security fraud, among other charges. According to court documents, Alicia Kelly hid her grandfather’s body after he passed away, and continued to cash his … [Read more...]

Massive Credit Card Fraud Ringleaders Arrested After 10 Years

US Charges 18 People for 10 Years’ Worth of Credit Card Fraud, Totaling $200 Million Federal officials announced on Tuesday, February 5th, that they charged 18 people in a credit card fraud scheme that lasted 10 years, spanned several countries, and racked up $200 million. The case will be prosecuted in New Jersey, but the fraud spans at least … [Read more...]

Lack of Death Certificate Could Lead to Social Security Fraud

Social Security Fraud; Taxes, Other Benefits Filed Under Fraudulent Social Security Numbers Without Death Records According to the Social Security Administration, there are 6.5 million Americans who reached the incredible old age of 112. This occurs, in the majority of cases, because there are no extant death records for the social security … [Read more...]

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