Strict Texting and Driving Bans Improve Road Safety

Fewer Car Accidents from Distracted Drivers in States with Strict Texting and Driving Bans In June last year, South Carolina became the 44th state to pass a texting and driving ban. Although the legislation did not include talking on the phone, which can be another form of distracted driving, the law does forbid drivers from using their mobile … [Read more...]

Study Shows Teen Car Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

New Study Shows Most Car Accidents Involving Teen Drivers Caused by Distracted Driving A new study conducted by AAA shows that 6 out of 10 car accidents caused by teen drivers can be directly linked to distracted driving. The automobile safety group looked at 1,700 videos of car accidents caused by teenage drivers, and found that the main cause … [Read more...]

SC Tractor Trailer Driver Made False Statements About Reckless Homicide Charge

SC Trucker Made False Statements About Tractor Trailer Reckless Homicide Indictment After being indicted for false statements in September 2014, in January 2015, a former tractor trailer driver in South Carolina has pleaded guilty to the charges, which accuse him of illegally hiding his previous indictment on reckless homicide charges from his new … [Read more...]

GPS Manufacturer Could Be Liable for Personal Injury in Bus Accident

Massachusetts Plaintiffs File Personal Injury Lawsuit Against GPS Manufacturer for Bus Accident A bus accident in Massachusetts has led about a dozen plaintiffs to file personal injury lawsuits alleging that the manufacturer of the bus’s GPS gave the driver wrong directions, which led to the dangerous crash. Several residents of Eleven Bucks … [Read more...]

People Understand Dangers of Texting and Driving, Do It Anyway

Study Shows Drivers Understand Dangers of Texting and Driving but Chooses to do it Anyway A new survey shows that 98% of drivers understand the dangers of texting and driving – statistically, it just as dangerous as drinking and driving – but those drivers chose to text and drive regardless of the increased risk of injury or death. Three-quarters … [Read more...]

Study Shows Texting and Driving Legislation Works

New Study Shows That Laws Work to Prevent Texting and Driving Accidents A new research study published in the American Journal of Public Health shows that texting and driving legislation is the most effective means of preventing that type of distracted driving accident. Texting and driving has surfaced as one of the leading causes of death among … [Read more...]

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