Medical Marijuana Oil Now Legal in SC

Medical Marijuana Bill Legalizing Cannabis Oil Passes into Law On June 2nd, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed a bill legalizing one specific form of medical marijuana – CBD oil, or cannabidiol – into law to treat some specific disorders such as severe childhood epilepsy. The bill was inspired by the story of one girl, Mary Louise, whose … [Read more...]

Midlands Resident Arrested on Drug Charges for Garage Meth Lab

SC Man Faces Drug Charges for Manufacturing Meth in His Garage Midlands resident William David Langley faces three major drug charges, including manufacturing meth, after police found a meth lab in his garage. Authorities were called about suspicious activity in 42-year-old Langley’s house on Sunday, December 23rd. Officers received a search … [Read more...]

SC Woman Arrested on Illegal Gambling and Drug Charges After Neighbors Complained

Woman’s Home Investigated After Marijuana and Drug Charges, 9 Gambling Machines Seized A Columbia, SC woman was arrested December 7th after neighbors complained of drug-related activity. Police investigated her home on the basis of drug charges, but found an illegal gambling operation in the woman’s home as well. The incident report from the … [Read more...]

Prescription Drug Overdose in Celebrities a Reflection of a Larger Epidemic

In the last several years, Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy, Whitney Houston, and Michael Jackson have all passed away from overdoses on prescription medications. However, the loss of these celebrities is a reflection of a larger epidemic in the United States, reports the CDC. In fact, 15,000 people died in 2008 from overdosing on prescription … [Read more...]

23 Columbians arrested in FBI crackdown, charged with criminal offenses

FBI agents arrested 23 alleged gang members Tuesday for criminal offenses, many living in Columbia or with ties to the city, as part of a gang sting described in a 134-count indictment. The indictment, unsealed this morning, names  23 members and associates of the United Blood Nation, also known as UBN or the Bloods street gang, with federal … [Read more...]

No Bath Salts…Only Pot! | South Carolina Drug Crimes Attorney

South Carolina Drug Crimes Attorney         The “Miami Cannibal” was not high on bath salts after all. Rudy Eugene, the 31 year old Miami man accused of eating off the face of a homeless man, had no traces of any drugs other than marijuana in his body. Eugene stripped naked and began chewing the face off of Ronald Poppo, a 65 year old … [Read more...]

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