DUI Charges Issued For Operating Motorized Wheelchair

Georgia Man Facing DUI Charges for Operating Motorized Wheelchair Under the Influence A Conyers, Georgia resident was recently charged with DUI for operating his motorized wheelchair while under the influence of alcohol. Georgia's DUI law applies to the operation of “any moving vehicle” while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Reportedly, … [Read more...]

Periscope User Arrested for DUI

Woman Arrested for DUI After Filming Herself Driving Drunk on Periscope App A woman in Florida was arrested over the weekend on DUI charges after several Periscope users saw her live-streaming herself driving drunk and reported her to the police. The Lakewood, Florida resident used her Periscope app to live-stream herself to users because she … [Read more...]

Student Uses Barbie Car for Transit After Losing License to DUI Charges

Texas State Student Loses License After Underage DUI, Decides to Drive Barbie Car to Get Around Recently, Texas State college student, Tara Monroe, chose to go to the extreme and make light of her DUI charge by purchasing a Barbie Jeep  to get around campus after she lost her driver’s license for underage DUI charges. “This is the best way I … [Read more...]

Walking Dead Star Charged with DUI, Drug Possession, Speeding

Star of “Walking Dead” Arrested and Charged with DUI, Drug Possession, and Speeding in the Triple Digits The actor who plays tortured priest Father Gabriel Stokes on hit AMC series “The Walking Dead” was arrested in Peachtree City, Georgia on Sunday and charged with DUI, drug possession for marijuana, and speeding – the suspect was reportedly … [Read more...]

Driver Arrested for Fourth DUI Charge in 48 Hours

Rhode Island Resident Arrested on DUI Charges 4 Times in 2 Days A Rhode Island man was arrested and charged for committing his fourth DUI in 48 hours. John Lourenco, 53 years old, was reportedly arrested on Sunday, September 14th, 2014, for a DUI. Then on Monday, September 15th, he was arrested three additional times for DUI. Three of his four … [Read more...]

Georgia Woman Going to Jail for 5th DUI

Savannah Woman Arrested for 5th DUI, Going to Jail A woman in the Savannah, Georgia area was arrested for her 5th DUI charge on Christmas Eve, and has now been sentenced to a year in prison and a $1,000 fine, the maximum DUI fine Georgia state law allows. Sheila Faye Conley, 55, pleaded guilty to her 5th DUI, as well as making false statements … [Read more...]

Higher Alcohol Tax Reduces DUI Deaths

Study Suggests Raising Alcohol Tax Reduces DUI Deaths A new study investigated the effects of Illinois’s higher alcohol tax, implemented in 2009, and found that the tax was linked to fewer DUI deaths. Researchers from the University of Florida in Gainesville published their findings in the American Journal of Public Health. "Similar alcohol … [Read more...]

Carolina Cup DUI Enforcement Proves Effective

Only 3 People Charged with DUI at Carolina Cup The Carolina Cup is a huge event in South Carolina every year, involving formal wear, horse racing, partying, and drinking. Police have patrolled the event for years, in an effort to prevent underage drinking among college students, as well as DUI. This year, the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department, … [Read more...]

Safety Coalition Pushes for Tougher DUI Laws

Law Enforcement and Safety Advocates Push for Tougher DUI Laws in South Carolina A group of law enforcement officers, safety advocates, and prosecutors gathered on the State House Grounds on Tuesday, February 10th, to push for tougher DUI laws in South Carolina. The group wanted to close a loophole in DUI video laws, which prevents a conviction … [Read more...]

Chicago Bears’ Tim Jennings Arrested for DUI in Georgia

Former SC Resident and Football Player Tim Jennings Arrested on DUI Charges in Atlanta, GA According to a police report from Atlanta, Chicago Bears’ cornerback Tim Jennings arrested on DUI charges, as well as charges of reckless driving and speeding. Around 12:45 PM on Wednesday, January 7th, Tim Deshawn Jennings – a resident of Orangeburg, SC – … [Read more...]

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