Columbia, SC Police Officer Charged with DUI

Police Officer in SC’s Capital City Receives DUI Charge A police officer in Columbia, SC caused a wreck on Friday morning, December 21st. He has been charged with a DUI. According to incident reports, 55-year-old officer Harold Julius Caldwell responded to an emergency call at the Hampton Hill Condos in Columbia at 9 AM. As he steered his car … [Read more...]

Man Hits DOT Worker, Faces Serious DUI Charges

Man Receives His 3rd DUI Charge and Potential Charge of Vehicular Manslaughter A man was charged in Lexington County with hitting and killing a Department of Transportation worker – and his third DUI charge. On December 4th, 39-year-old Thomas Stafford from West Columbia was driving down I-20 when he suddenly swerved into 21-year-old Nicholas … [Read more...]

College Presidents Want Drinking Age Lowered

South Carolina DUI Lawyer Fervor is growing on the ongoing underage drinking debate as college presidents from around the country are voicing their opinions. The movement called the Amethyst Initiative recruited presidents from major universities like Duke, Darmouth and Ohio State. This movement does not come without opposition. Mothers Against … [Read more...]

Felony DUI along I-20

South Carolina DUI Lawyer A Wagner woman has been charged with Felony DUI after striking and killing a Mississippi man along Interstate 20 early Saturday morning. Lacie Doolittle, 21, struck the man while he was standing near his disabled truck between mile markers 11 and 12 on Interstate 20. Doolittle was traveling west in a 2000 Honda when the … [Read more...]

Gaston, SC Man Sentenced After 7th Felony DUI Charge

Man Killed A Teenager in Car Crash, Imprisoned on 7th Felony DUI Charge David Onley, of Gaston, SC, caused a car crash last year that killed 17-year-old Jonathan Lee Humphrey. On December 12th, Onley was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison, the maximum sentence for a felony DUI charge. According to reports, Onley had 6 previous DUI … [Read more...]

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