After Delay, Former Gang Member Exonerated

After a delay over the weekend due to his judge’s illness, former gang member John Edward Smith has been exonerated of murder charges. Smith was convicted of a drive-by shooting murder he did not commit, based on the testimony of one eye witness, who recently recanted his story. Landu Mvuemba, who is currently serving a jail sentence for sexual … [Read more...]

North Carolina Expungement Law Allows Broader Policies

A bill signed into law in July allows former convicted felons in North Carolina to expunge their records. Expunging criminal records is important, because it helps those with criminal records, or even just charges against them, find work more easily. Teri Schultz, branch manager for Cape Fear Staffing, told FayObserver.com that her company has had … [Read more...]

“Fatal Vision” Man May Be Exonerated

Jeffrey MacDonald, the man who inspired the book and eventual miniseries titled “Fatal Vision,” may have been wrongfully convicted and eventually be exonerated, with the help of new testimony and DNA evidence. MacDonald was convicted in 1979, nine years after his wife and two daughters were savagely murdered in their home. MacDonald also sustained … [Read more...]

Sexual Assault Victim Recants Story, Wants to Exonerate Her Aunt

Stephanie, who asked to have her last name retracted, has recanted her accusation against her aunt Elizabeth Ramirez, and her friends, who were sentenced to long prison sentences for sexual assault in 1997 and 1998. According to the original account, Ramirez orchestrated the sexual assault of Stephanie, who was 7, and her older sister who was 9 at … [Read more...]

Utah Woman’s Murder Conviction Might Not Be Expunged

A Utah woman's exoneration of murder charges may be reversed leaving her with a criminal record that cannot be expunged. The Utah Supreme Court will decide whether to uphold Debra Brown's exoneration and expunge her record, or reverse the exoneration and reinstate Brown's conviction. Utah exonerated Brown last year and released her from prison … [Read more...]

Life After Conviction: Living With a Criminal Record

I don't want my criminal record to follow me, can I get an expungement? If you do the crime, you do the time, as the saying goes. But when you walk out of the prison, what happens next? It’s relatively easy to agree that if you are charged and convicted for a serious crime such as kidnapping or manslaughter that you may continue to face a stigma … [Read more...]

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