Beat the Heat This Summer with These Safety Tips

Summer Heat Safety The Hundred Hottest Days of the year kick off with Memorial Day in May, and officially end in September with Labor Day. These two holidays bookend the summer months, and can be a convenient reminder that it’s time to think about safety tips to prevent heat stroke, sun burn, and other heat related incidents. Cool Down This … [Read more...]

Distracted Driving Truck Accident Caused by Loose Tooth

Man Pulling Loose Tooth Caused Distracted Driving Truck Accident Near Tuscaloosa Car and truck accidents are very serious, especially on interstates where traffic speeds can reach over 70 miles per hour. Any form of distracted driving on the highway can be extremely dangerous. A recent study conducted on distracted driving found that people who … [Read more...]

Research Links Viagra to Skin Cancer

Study Finds Viagra Use Increases Risk of Skin Cancer New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that men who take Viagra may have up to double the risk of skin cancer. The study, published in the June edition of JAMA, evaluated 26,000 male patients who disclosed during a 2000 Harvard study that used … [Read more...]

Senators Express Concern About Morcellation Procedures to FDA

Senators Encourage FDA to Ban Use of Power Morcellator Devices and Morcellation Procedures Due to Cancer Risk Although the Food and Drug Administration has already expressed concern about morcellation procedures to remove uterine fibroids and perform hysterectomies, due to the possibility of spreading uterine and ovarian cancer, the regulatory … [Read more...]

Pfizer Requests Dismissal of 500 Zoloft Cases

Pfizer Claims Zoloft Plaintiffs in MDL Cannot Prove Causation On Wednesday, November 5th, Pfizer Inc requested that a federal judge in Pennsylvania to dismiss more than 500 cases from the Zoloft injury multidistrict litigation (MDL) because, according to the pharmaceutical giant, the plaintiffs cannot prove that the antidepressant led to birth … [Read more...]

Drug Recall for Allergy Medication Mix-Up

Indian Manufacturer Issues Voluntary Drug Recall When Wrong Pill Found in Bottle Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer Zydus Cadila has issued a voluntary drug recall after a hypertension medication was found mixed into a bottle of allergy medication. Generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in India have issued several drug recalls over the last few … [Read more...]

J&J Loses Texas Transvaginal Mesh Case

Johnson & Johnson to Pay $1.2 Million for Defective Transvaginal Mesh On Thursday, April 3rd, a Texas jury ruled that Johnson & Johnson’s TVT-O transvaginal mesh sling was defective, and the company was ordered to pay $1.2 million to the plaintiff for damages. The Dallas, Texas jury ruled in favor of plaintiff Linda Batiste, a 64-year-old … [Read more...]

Testosterone Therapy Increases Heart Attack Risk in Older Men

New Study Shows Testosterone Therapy Increases Heart Attack Risk Twofold in Men Under 65 The latest testosterone therapy study, published recently in PLoS One shows that testosterone replacement drugs increase the risks of heart attack, stroke, and or death in men 65 years of age or older. Testosterone therapy is often marketed to middle aged and … [Read more...]

Fourth Bard Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Delayed

Fourth Bellwether Lawsuit Against Transvaginal Mesh Manufacturer Delayed One Month The fourth transvaginal mesh personal injury lawsuit against manufacturer C.R. Bard has been postponed for one month. The case, brought forward by Carolyn Jones, has been delayed until January 10th, one month exactly after it was supposed to go to court. The … [Read more...]

Honda Issues Vehicle Recall for 250,000 Cars, Based on One Consumer Complaint

One Consumer Filed Formal Complaint Against Honda Defect, Manufacturer Issued Vehicle Recall On Thursday, March 14th, Honda issued a vehicle recall notice for 250,000 cars worldwide. The problem stems from the braking system – the brakes can suddenly kick in, even when the driver is not braking. So far, 183,000 vehicles are being recalled in the … [Read more...]

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