GM Ignition Switch Death Awards Issued

GM Approves $594.5 million to Compensate 399 Victims of the Faulty Ignition Switches With the January deadline coming up quickly, GM’s ignition switch compensation fund has begun to issue financial compensation to hundreds of car accident victims and their families. The latest data released by the compensation fund shows that many of the victims, … [Read more...]

US Soccer Federation Bans “Headers” for Youth 10 and Younger

US Soccer Federation Bans Headers for Youth 10 Years Old and Younger After a concussion lawsuit from 2014 was finally settled, the US Soccer Federation has released new guidelines for young players that should help prevent traumatic brain injuries later in life. The group officially banned “headers” – hitting the soccer ball with the head instead … [Read more...]

Traumatic Brain Injury Could Increase Risk of Criminal Charges

Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury Could Increase Risk of Criminal Offenses and Charges A new medical study suggests that suffering a traumatic brain injury can dramatically increase the chances the patient will participate in criminal activity. The likelihood of an individual criminally offending with a TBI rose as much as 60% in some … [Read more...]

Sen. Harry Reid Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Exercise Band

Exercise Band Injures Senator Harry Reid, Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed Fiery democratic senator, Harry Reid, suffered a serious eye injury after an exercise band allegedly caused him to break several bones around his eye, as well as several ribs. After almost a year of undergoing treatment, Reid has not only been forced to leave his political … [Read more...]

Dollywood Ride Injuries Lead to Lawsuit

Lawsuit filed against Dollywood For Ride Related Injuries In December 2013, a woman was injured on a ride at Tennessee theme park, Dollywood, after lifting the safety bar just before the ride came to a complete stop. After suffering brain trauma, she and her husband sued the theme park seeking compensation for her personal injuries, alleging that … [Read more...]

New Lawsuit Accuses Power Morcellator of Spreading Cancer

Latest Personal Injury Lawsuit Accuses Power Morcellator Company of Spreading Woman’s Cancer When power morcellators were first approved for use in the US, surgeons touted the tools as the best and least invasive method to remove uterine fibroids, which can cause pain in women, or help women who needed partial hysterectomies. At the time, the Food … [Read more...]

FDA Requires Duodenoscope Makers to Conduct Safety Studies

After Personal Injuries Associated with Duodenoscopes, FDA Requires 3 Manufacturers to Conduct Post-Market Safety Studies After several hospitals in the US reported superbug infections in patients after duodenoscope procedures, the FDA has investigated the potential causes of the infection spread, and recently ordered three major duodenoscope … [Read more...]

Police Brutality Claims Cost SC $17 Million

Claims Involving Police Brutality Across South Carolina Cost the State $17 Million As more reports and videos of police brutality go viral online and spark debate across the nation, South Carolina has taken a tally of how much the problem has cost the Southern state – a whopping $17 million. The brutal killing of a victim running away from an … [Read more...]

Serious Personal Injury from Zip Lines on the Rise

Study Shows that Zip Line’s Growing Popularity Linked to Rise in Personal Injuries Thrill-seekers started the trend of flying through the air on a zip line, but in the past 16 years, the craze has swept the US. Now practically every summer camp, vacation hot spot, and theme park has a zip line. Many residential homes have “amateur” zip lines … [Read more...]

Energy Drinks and Traumatic Brain Injury Linked in Teen Study

Study Finds that Teens with Traumatic Brain Injury Often Drank Energy Drinks Right Before A new study shows that teenagers who suffered a traumatic brain injury in the last year were seven times more likely to report drinking five or more energy drinks in a week, when compared to teens who did not suffer a traumatic brain injury. "Energy … [Read more...]

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