Video Captures Police Brutality Against Teenager Who Jaywalked to Catch the Bus

Police Brutality Accusations After CA Teen Tackled for Jaywalking Stockton police officers now face accusations of police brutality after a video of a teenager being tackled just for jaywalking went viral on Wednesday, September 16th. “I felt traumatized,” victim Emilio Mayfield told CBS Sacramento. “I was beaten and slammed on the floor.” The … [Read more...]

Students Face Murder Charges After Hazing

5 Students at Manhattan-Based College Face Murder Charges for Severe Hazing Five fraternity members from Baruch College in Manhattan will be charged with murder after a hazing ritual in 2013 led to the death of a freshman at the college. A grand jury in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, where the hazing ritual occurred, indicted 37 other members of … [Read more...]

Tennis Star James Blake Arrested, Claims Excessive Force

NYPD Officer Who Mistook James Blake for Criminal Has History of Excessive Force Charges The New York City Police Commissioner, William Bratton, may have made a swift public apology for his force’s conduct toward tennis legend James Blake, but the tennis star still told the world that he was treated with excessive force, and now reports have shown … [Read more...]

Testosterone Therapy Lawsuit Filed by South Carolina Couple

South Carolina Couple Files Lawsuit Against Pharmaceutical Companies Manufacturing Testosterone Therapy The latest of thousands of personal injury lawsuits filed against pharmaceutical companies due to testosterone therapy side effects comes from a South Carolina couple, who have both physically and emotionally suffered after one partner was … [Read more...]

Teachers Face Mesothelioma Risks Due to Asbestos in Schools

Asbestos in Schools May Lead to Teachers Developing Mesothelioma Many buildings built before 1980 contain some form of asbestos, a chemical that was touted as a great way to prevent fires from spreading throughout homes and schools. However, in 1980, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) acknowledged the link between asbestos and mesothelioma, … [Read more...]

Bard Settles Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits for $200 Million

CR Bard Offers $200 Million to Settle Numerous Transvaginal Mesh Injury Cases Medical manufacturer CR Bard has become the latest defendant in a series of transvaginal mesh personal injury cases to offer a collective settlement to have the multidistrict litigation (MDL) dismissed. The medical company has offered injured transvaginal mesh … [Read more...]

Two Serious Dog Bite Attacks in SC

Two Dog Bite Attacks in South Carolina Lead to Questions about Liability and Responsibility Two vicious dog bite attacks – one in Greenville and one in Spartanburg – have left two victims seriously injured, while another died. The Greenville incident involved a dog that the family did not expect to become so brutal. "The dog was not aggressive, … [Read more...]

FDA Approves “Female Viagra”

“Female Viagra” Pill Has Been Approved by the FDA, but Carries a Strong Warning Because of Side Effects It’s no secret that Viagra is one of the most sought-after prescription medications in history. Ever since “the little blue pill” was approved by the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry has gone in search of the illusive equivalent for women – “the … [Read more...]

Amgen Pays $71 Million for Promoting Off-Label Drug Uses

Pharmaceutical Giant Amgen Pays States to Settle Illegal Promotion of Off-Label Uses for Drugs Biotech and pharmaceutical company Amgen has agreed to pay 48 states a settlement amount of $71 million after a group of attorneys general claimed the company intentionally promoted off-label uses for two of its major drugs. Amgen had been accused of … [Read more...]

DUI Charges Unearth Brain Tumor in Suspect

Woman Charged with DUI Actually Had Brain Tumor A Dallas-area woman with four children dropped her kids off at daycare one morning, then passed out and crashed. In too many scenarios, the office would be correct after arresting her on DUI charges – not in this case, the charges led to the discovery of a brain tumor. "It's an interesting way to … [Read more...]

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