National Hockey League (NHL) Faces Concussion Lawsuits

Former Players File Personal Injury Lawsuits Against the NHL Another major sports league faces numerous personal injury lawsuits regarding concussions and traumatic brain injuries from former players. This time, the National Hockey League, or NHL, faces as class action lawsuit from former players who claim that the league should have done more to … [Read more...]

Granuflo and Naturalyte Lawsuits Move to Discovery Phase

Federal Personal Injury Lawsuits Against Granuflo and Naturalyte Moving  Forward Currently, there are more than 229 Granuflo and Naturalyte personal injury lawsuits pending in the US District Court of Massachusetts. Reportedly, these lawsuits are now moving into the discovery phase. On October 1st, an order issued by Judge Douglas P. Woodlock … [Read more...]

Honda Issues Vehicle Recall for 250,000 Cars, Based on One Consumer Complaint

One Consumer Filed Formal Complaint Against Honda Defect, Manufacturer Issued Vehicle Recall On Thursday, March 14th, Honda issued a vehicle recall notice for 250,000 cars worldwide. The problem stems from the braking system – the brakes can suddenly kick in, even when the driver is not braking. So far, 183,000 vehicles are being recalled in the … [Read more...]

FDA Recall Issued Against DePuy Orthopedics Knee Revision Device

Class I Recall Issued by FDA for DePuy Orthopedics Knee Revision Device On February 15th, the FDA issued a Class I Recall – the most serious recall possible – against a DePuy Orthopedics knee revision device. Per the FDA’s website, the LPS Diaphyseal Sleeve is intended for use with another DePuy Orthopedics device, the LPS System. The sleeve … [Read more...]

Dozens Injured at Daytona Crash on Sunday Have Little Personal Injury Recourse

Several People Injured Because of Crash at Daytona 500 on Sunday, But Can They Seek Personal Injury Lawsuits? On Saturday, February 23rd, a 12-car pile-up at the NASCAR Daytona 500 led to injuries in the stands. Over 30 fans were injured by flying debris, mainly from rookie Kyle Larson’s car as it split in half and a tire blew through the chain … [Read more...]

800,000 Fisher-Price Baby Infant Recliners on Voluntary Recall

Government Agency and Manufacturer Issue Recall for Fisher-Price Infant Recliners The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a warning to consumers that Fisher-Price’s Rock-and-Play infant recliner will need to be recalled due to a serious health hazard – mold. After receiving complaints, and a warning from the CPSC, Fisher-Price will … [Read more...]

Subaru Issues Defective Product Recall of 634,000 Cars Due to Fire Hazard

Manufacturer Issues Defective Product Vehicle Recall Subaru has issued a vehicle recall for their Outback and Legacy 2010 and 2011 models which may be a sign that this vehical is a defective product. The manufacturer is also recalling Tribeca SUVs from 2006 through 2012 and Forester SUVs from 2009 through 2012. According to Subary, the affected … [Read more...]

Wrongful Death Lawsuit for Columbia, SC Student Reaches Agreement

Judge Ruled for Wrongful Death Law Suit for Parents of Student Shot and Killed by Resource Officer Trevor Varinecz was shot and killed by Marcus Rhodes, a resource officer at the 16-year-old’s school district, in 2009. According to court documents, Varinecz had a form of autism, and had become increasingly depressed. He attacked Rhodes with a … [Read more...]

South Carolina Automobile Accident Death Numbers Rise in 2012

Number of Deaths from Automobile Accidents in South Carolina Goes Up In 2012 The number of deaths from automobile accidents in South Carolina rose in 2012, compared to 2011, according to the South Carolina Highway Patrol. In 2011, 827 deaths were reported on the highway; in 2012, that number rose to 833. Both of these numbers are still lower … [Read more...]

Along with Bladder Cancer, Actos Can Also Cause Bone Fractures

Women Who Took Actos for Diabetes More Susceptible to Bone Fractures Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ Type 2 diabetes drug, Actos, has been the focus of hundreds of personal injury lawsuits for at least two years. The lawsuits were combined into one multidistrict litigation, MDL 2299, in the court of Louisiana (Lafayette) – the Honorable Rebecca Doherty … [Read more...]

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