Disabled Vets File Lawsuit Against VA for Veterans Benefits Delays

Seven Disabled Vets Say Delays at VA Led to Delayed Veterans Benefits Seven disabled veterans have filed a lawsuit against Veterans Affairs on Monday, April 20th, because the federal agency failed to send medical files to the vets in a timely fashion – sometimes leaving them waiting for years – and that caused delays in necessary veterans … [Read more...]

Separation Pay Limits Initial Veterans Benefits

Disabled Veterans Say They Were Not Warned That Separation Pay Affects Veterans Benefits When a veteran returns from a tour of duty, he or she may have immediate needs with the Veterans Administration including treatment for lost limbs or hearing loss. In other cases, exposure to chemicals or violence may create problems for veterans, from post … [Read more...]

Early Symptoms of PTSD Linked to TBI in Veterans

Traumatic Brain Injury in Soldiers Can Be Diagnosed Through Early Symptoms of PTSD Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a common injury to soldiers and military veterans, often triggered as the result of a blast injury. Veterans benefits are often used to treat TBI, as well as mental and emotional disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder … [Read more...]

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