Congratulations to Federal District Judge Mary G Lewis

Congratulations to federal district judge Mary G Lewis on her confirmation! I was delighted to learn that my law school classmate, Mary G Lewis, was confirmed by the United States Senate on Monday by a vote of 64-27. Mary is little lifelong resident of Columbia. She attended Clemson University graduating cum laude and received her juris … [Read more...]

Toyota Fire Probe Now Includes 1.4 Million Vehicles

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers The Associated Press released a statement today saying that the government has added 600,000 Toyota Camry’s and other vehicles to an investigation of fires in power window switches. The investigation now includes more than 1.4 million cars and SUVS. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration … [Read more...]

SC HIV Rate Still High

With less than a third of the nation's population, the South has over half of all new HIV infections in the country.  The South is the new epicenter of HIV transmission.  South Carolina is 9th in the nation for HIV rates and the bad news is that people with AIDS in the South are much more likely to die of it. Why is HIV spreading so fast … [Read more...]

South Carolina Ranks Last in Disclosure of Public Information

South Carolina Lawyers South Carolina ranks last in the country when it comes to public records. The State Integrity Investigation conducted the study and ranked states by their corruption risk. The study found that both North Carolina and South Carolina failed to provide an appeals process for request that were denied and failed to impose … [Read more...]

DUI Crackdown for Labor Day

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety has announced that, as part of their fight against drivers under the influence, state and local law enforcement agencies will be conducting a sustained enforcement and public education outreach effort as the Labor Day holiday weekend approaches. The increased DUI enforcement effort will run until … [Read more...]

South Carolina Businesswoman Invited to Join the Augusta Nationals

South Carolina financier Darla Moore, along with former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, have become the first women admitted into Georgia’s Augusta Nationals golf club -- home of the Master's Golf Tournament. The private club has been notorious in recent years because it has, until recently, been all-male and did not allow its first black … [Read more...]

Calculating Tax Losses for SC Flood Victims

IRS Tax Relief For SC Flood Victims: Calculating Casualty Loss As we have reported, the Strom Law Firm is currently reviewing claims on behalf of residential homeowners and businesses impacted by flooding resulting from the Semmes Lake dam failure. The early October, 2015 flooding, and corresponding dam breaches, in Columbia South Carolina … [Read more...]

SC Requires Ignition Interlock Devices for Repeat DUI Offenders

In an effort to reduce the number of deaths and injuries from alcohol-related accidents, the State of South Carolina has joined an increasing number of states across the country in revising laws pertaining to Driving Under the Influence (DUI) penalties and convictions. Recent changes in legislation now require drivers who are residents of the … [Read more...]

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