Takeda Offers $2.2 Billion Actos Injury Settlement

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Offers to Settle Remaining Actos Injury Lawsuits for $2.2 Billion Japanese drug maker Takeda Pharmaceuticals announced that it has offered a settlement of $2.2 billion to end the remaining 8,000 lawsuits involving Actos injuries in the US. Actos was approved for sale in the United States in 1999, with sales peaking in 2011, … [Read more...]

Plaintiff Awarded $2.3 Million for Actos Bladder Cancer

Takeda Pharmaceuticals Loses Another Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuit Takeda Pharmaceuticals must pay another penalty, this time $2.3 million, for Actos bladder cancer injuries caused by the blockbuster Type 2 diabetes drug Actos, which has been tied to bladder cancer in numerous patients. On Thursday, February 12th, plaintiff John Kristufek was … [Read more...]

Takeda Ordered to Pay for Lost Actos Files

Jury Rules Takeda Must Pay for Lost Actos Files A jury ruled that Takeda Pharmaceuticals must pay $155,000 for its destruction or loss of files related to safety studies and information for their blockbuster Type 2 diabetes drug, Actos. Some of the missing Actos files prevented one man in a personal injury lawsuit from proving his claims that … [Read more...]

$9 Billion Actos Verdict Reduced

Judge Reduces Actos Award by 99.6% In April, a jury ruled that Takeda Pharmaceutical’s blockbuster Type 2 diabetes drug, Actos, was the cause of a plaintiff’s bladder cancer in a bellwether case representing many personal injury cases against the company. Plaintiff Terrence Allen and his wife alleged that the man took Actos as prescribed, and he … [Read more...]

Plaintiff Awarded Damages in Actos Bladder Cancer Trial

Jury Rules In Favor of Plaintiff in Actos Bladder Cancer Trial Although Takeda Pharmaceuticals argued that a plaintiff’s life style choices, including smoking, caused her bladder cancer, on Friday, October 3rd, ruled in favor of Frances Wisniewski’s claim in the bladder cancer trial that Actos injured her. Wisniewski was prescribed Actos to treat … [Read more...]

Takeda Accused of Putting Sales Before Actos Safety Studies

Takeda Argues It Submitted All Relevant Actos Safety Studies, but Plaintiff Claims Company Sacrificed Safety for Profit Plaintiff Frances Wisniewski filed a personal injury lawsuit against Takeda Pharmaceuticals in 2012 in Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas. In August 2011, Wisniewski was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and she believes that … [Read more...]

Takeda Blames Patient’s Smoking, Not Actos

Takeda Claims Patient’s Smoking Led to Bladder Cancer, Not Actos Prescription The latest bellwether trial against Takeda Pharmaceuticals for injuries related to their Type 2 diabetes medication, Actos, began recently, and on Monday, September 29th, the pharmaceutical company claimed that the plaintiff’s bladder cancer was not caused by her Actos … [Read more...]

Takeda and Eli Lilly Owe Actos Plaintiffs $9 Billion

Judge Denies Takeda’s Bid to Overturn $9 Billion Actos Damages Takeda and Eli Lilly have officially lost their bid to have $9 billion in punitive damages for Actos injuries thrown out after the company lost their second bellwether lawsuit. "Plaintiffs have pointed to sufficient evidence from which the jury could have concluded that the … [Read more...]

Takeda, Eli Lilly to Pay $9 Billion for Actos Injuries

Jury Says Takeda and Eli Lilly Must Pay $9 Billion for Actos Bladder Cancer Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceutical and their US distributor Eli Lilly have been ordered to pay $9 billion in punitive damages after a federal court ruled that the companies hid potential cancer risks associated with taking Actos to treat Type 2 … [Read more...]

Jury Told Takeda Hid Risk of Cancer from Actos

Plaintiff Claims Takeda Knew About Bladder Cancer Risk from Actos, Hid Information As the first bellwether trial in the Actos multidistrict lawsuit (MDL) begins, the plaintiff’s attorney claims that Takeda Pharmaceuticals, manufacturers of Type 2 diabetes drug Actos, intentionally withheld information linking their blockbuster drug to bladder … [Read more...]

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