Target Hack Attack Went On Longer than Estimated

Target Hack Attack and Identity Theft Went On Longer than Previously Believed Target’s CFO announced today during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that the hack attack in December 2013 went on longer than officials previously reported. John Mulligan, Chief Financial Officer for Target Corp, said that the company recently learned that … [Read more...]

Target Identity Theft Suspects Arrested at Texas Border

Texas Officers Arrest Two Mexican Citizens for Fake Credit Cards and Identity Theft Related to Target Breach On Monday, January 20th, two Mexican citizens attempting to re-enter the US were arrested at the South Texas border for identity theft in connection with the Target hack attack over the Christmas season. Reportedly, Daniel Guardiola … [Read more...]

Target Hack Attack Larger Than Suspected

More Information Taken in Target Hack Attack, Identity Theft Could be a Problem In December 2013, Target announced that a hack attack had breached the payment card information of 40 million Target customers, and could lead to stolen bank information and possible identity theft. Now, the large retailer says that as many as 70 million customers … [Read more...]

Target Suffers Hack Attack, Customers Alerted to Possible Identity Theft

Target Retail Chain Says Millions of Customers’ Info Breached in Hack Attack, Identity Theft is Possible Target confirms reports that 40 million credit and debit cards may be affected after a massive hack attack and customers are warned that they may be victims of identity theft. The hack attack affected customers who shopped at Target during … [Read more...]

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