FDA Warns Against Overuse of Testosterone Therapy

Another Warning from the FDA Chides Doctors for Over-Prescribing and Enabling Overuse of Testosterone Therapy The Food and Drug Administration has issued another warning to doctors regarding overuse of testosterone replacement therapy – the gels, pills, and ointments, the agency says, should not be overused to treat common signs of aging, such as … [Read more...]

FDA Advises Testosterone Therapy Not Good for “Low T”

FDA Panel Advises Testosterone Therapy for “Low T” Needs Further Investigation When the Food and Drug Administration originally approved some types of testosterone therapy, the intended use was to treat serious hormonal disorders, such as hypogonadism. Despite this limited approval, pharmaceutical companies heavily marketed the claim that … [Read more...]

Testosterone Therapy Trial Gives Mixed Results

New Testosterone Therapy Trials Show Some Good, Some Bad Results The latest in a slew of scientific studies investigating the potential dangers of testosterone therapy showed no link between healthy male adults over age 50 and cardiovascular incidents.  However, the trials also did not show a link between improved sexual function and quality of … [Read more...]

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