Student Uses Barbie Car for Transit After Losing License to DUI Charges

Texas State Student Loses License After Underage DUI, Decides to Drive Barbie Car to Get Around Recently, Texas State college student, Tara Monroe, chose to go to the extreme and make light of her DUI charge by purchasing a Barbie Jeep  to get around campus after she lost her driver’s license for underage DUI charges. “This is the best way I … [Read more...]

Teen Disney Star Arrested for Underage DUI

Disney Channel Star Arrested for Underage DUI in Malibu An 18-year-old Disney television star has been arrested for underage DUI charges after being pulled over for speeding near Los Angeles. Billy Unger, star of the Disney XD series “Lab Rats,” was driving along the Pacific Coast Highway around midnight on Saturday morning, when he was pulled … [Read more...]

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