Veterans Affairs Admin Denies Wrongful Death Allegations

Veterans Affairs Secretary Denies Wrongful Death Allegations for Long Waits at Hospitals The US Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki has come under fire recently for serious problems with secret waitlists and wrongful deaths of veterans waiting for delayed treatment at VA hospitals all over the country, but particularly in Phoenix, … [Read more...]

VA Report Shows 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Every Day

Report From Veterans’ Administration Shows 22 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day A haunting statistic in a report from the Veterans’ Administration cannot be denied: 22 veterans commit suicide each day. That rate is a little higher than the rate in 1999 – on average, 20 veterans committed suicide each day in that year. The rate temporarily dropped … [Read more...]

Disabled Vets File Lawsuit Against VA for Veterans Benefits Delays

Seven Disabled Vets Say Delays at VA Led to Delayed Veterans Benefits Seven disabled veterans have filed a lawsuit against Veterans Affairs on Monday, April 20th, because the federal agency failed to send medical files to the vets in a timely fashion – sometimes leaving them waiting for years – and that caused delays in necessary veterans … [Read more...]

Veterans Administration Fights Release of TBI Information

Veterans Administration Fights TBI Accusations As Minnesota Congressman Calls for Release of Information In the wake of the revelation that unqualified nurses were diagnosing, and probably misdiagnosing and mistreating, traumatic brain injury victims at Veterans Administration Hospitals in Minnesota, one Congressman in the state has called for a … [Read more...]

Early Symptoms of PTSD Linked to TBI in Veterans

Traumatic Brain Injury in Soldiers Can Be Diagnosed Through Early Symptoms of PTSD Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, is a common injury to soldiers and military veterans, often triggered as the result of a blast injury. Veterans benefits are often used to treat TBI, as well as mental and emotional disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder … [Read more...]

VA Whistleblowers Reach Settlement with the US Department of Veterans Affairs

Phoenix VA Whistleblowers Reach Settlement with the US Department of Veterans Affairs Three whistleblowers who filed claims against the notorious Phoenix VA Hospital after facing retaliation from their employer have now reached a settlement with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. The three whistleblowers - Dr. Katherine Mitchell, Paula … [Read more...]

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