VW Owners File Numerous Emissions Class Action Lawsuits

Volkswagen Faces Dozens of Emissions Lawsuits from Upset Owners Please visit our website http://vw-diesel-lawsuit.com to see how you can join the VW lawsuit. The most recent in a series of quickly-filed emissions class action lawsuits against Volkswagen came from a couple in Sacramento, CA. This latest class action lawsuit seeks justice on … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Scandal Continues in 2016 Models

Volkswagen Could Face More Class Action Plaintiffs as Diesel Emissions Scandal Hits Newer Models German automaker Volkswagen has, until recently, been renowned for its fuel-efficient and environmentally-conscious vehicles. However, a study at a West Virginia university revealed that the company’s newer diesel vehicles featured a “cheat device” in … [Read more...]

EPA Accuses Volkswagen of Falsifying Emissions Information

Environmental Protection Agency Accuses Volkswagen of Bypassing Emissions Standards and Harming Consumers The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has accused German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen of installing software on certain U.S.-sold cars that evades emissions testing standards, releasing harmful pollutants and violating US federal … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Faces Internal Investigation Along with Consumer Protection Lawsuits

Volkswagen’s Internal Investigation Reveals Startling Details About Defeat Device As US Files Consumer Protection Lawsuits Against the Company Last month, the West Virginia University discovered that Volkswagen’s supposedly “clean diesel” engines, which set a consumer standard for environmental awareness and protection, had a “defeat device” to … [Read more...]

Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Recall Expanded

Volkswagen EPA Regulation Recall Likely to Expand The Environmental Protection Agency recently announced the expansion of a safety recall based upon claims that the emission problem is broader than initially thought. In September, the EPA launched an investigation into the German automaker after a University of West Virginia study claimed that … [Read more...]

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