Lawsuit Filed Against Hickory Tavern Over Wage Payment

Former Hickory Tavern Server Files Wage Payment Lawsuit Against Restaurant Chain A former server at Hickory Tavern, a North Carolina based restaurant chain, has filed a lawsuit claiming that the company paid her and hundreds of others $2.13 per hour but required them to perform work unrelated to waiting tables, for which they should have received … [Read more...]

Several Restaurants in Charleston Violate Labor Laws

Report Shows Many Charleston Restaurants Violate Labor Laws An investigative report into restaurants in Charleston, SC shows that the city’s dining establishments routinely violate labor laws. Since 2004, 34 restaurants in Charleston have been cited for violating protective labor laws, including forcing cooks to work off the clock, doctoring time … [Read more...]

South Carolina Wage Payment Lawsuit Filed Against Charleston Restaurant

Popular Charleston Restaurant Faces South Carolina Wage Payment Lawsuit for Alleged Labor Violations with Tips A popular downtown Charleston seafood restaurant now faces a South Carolina wage payment lawsuit  filed by 15 current and former employees, which alleges that a tip sharing pool violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. The South Carolina … [Read more...]

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